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[Parenting] 70s Naturalistic Childcare Law Applicable to Digital Age

(Source: Pixar Bay)

Many things have evolved in recent years as digitization has begun. And it can be seen that the parenting styles of the parents in the 1970s and the recent parents are remarkably different. However, many experts say that there are many things to learn in the old child care law, and that the natural child care law, which was used in the 1970s, is also helpful now.

Naturalistic Child Care Law

The first is food. In the 1970s, food was not as abundant as it is today. In other words, today there is a wide variety of food choices. However, food safety is very poor. In the 1970s grocery stores, whole grains were easily found. There are a lot of food now, but it is the opinion of experts that only grain is less than that.

Therefore, it should be said that children's health should be protected by whole grain natural food, natural fermented food, drinking water instead of processed drink.

The second is a clean environment. Recently, there was a problem due to the humidifier disinfectant. Always use a wet tissue to wipe the baby's hands frequently. But experts have pointed out that this irritation hurts the health of the child.

It is a story of using chemical products when they are sterilized, but they are more likely to consume more chemicals. In the 1970s, I used a natural humidifier like a pine cone humidifier. It is because the moisture is evaporated and the humidification effect is obtained if the pine cone which is washed and damped is placed in the house everywhere.

If you look at the problems that children are getting with chemicals recently, I think that modern science and technology are all right.

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