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[Parenting] Is it a friend or a rival, brothers and sisters?

Source: Pixar Bay

A sibling can be one of the closest friends in life and at the same time be an enemy of one another. In the latter case, the children explore what they have more and continue to compare their achievements with their accomplishments. "Brother and sister relationships are the most important part of the parenting process, and competition does not always have negative consequences," Rachel Spector wrote in the Miami Herald.

According to the survey, the relationship pattern of siblings in their early childhood can be retained even as adults. In addition, more than half of the respondents reported experiencing physical violence between siblings. When a conflict occurs between children, they should take appropriate action as a parent. However, applying the right parenting system before a problem can prevent a serious situation.

First, we must recognize the difference between our children. "It is essential to provide unique values ​​and affection to each of your children in order to alleviate conflict between siblings," Specter said. To do this, you must stop applying and applying different standards to each individual. You also need to give your child a chance to face his problems.

They should also teach their children to understand and respect their brothers and sisters. You can tell your children that you can develop your own skills in different ways so that your children can develop their own way with confidence. It is good not to interfere in your children's fight unless you think that some of your children may be physically injured. Specter suggested that "we will let ourselves solve the problem and reconcile."

Praise each child's personal talents and skills. "The competition between brothers and sisters is likely to result in a feeling of 'not receiving equal attention'. We should spend time with all of our children and show them that they are loved equally. "

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