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In modern society, it is difficult for parents to acquire all three things: work, family, and leisure. In the case of dual-earner couples, it is a tendency to take responsibility for housework and child care jointly.

Having a family also means giving up part of your work or hobbies. In addition, fatigue is increased by the constant accumulation of stress in the workplace. When I get home after work, I am waiting for the housework and the children to take care of.

This also affects family relationships. At this point, parents should find ways to spend productive, effective and happy time with their children.

According to a study by, the amount of time that parents spent with their children ages 3-11 was found to have little impact on their children's life, academic, emotional, and behavioral aspects. However, this study did not take into account the positive impact of time spent on children. Also, the amount of time is not an important factor if parents are not happy even if they spend a lot of time with their children.

It can be difficult for parents to spend time with their children, but parents need to meet the needs of their children. This can actually be a time for the family. Therefore, parents should seek ways to spend quality time with their children.

▲ The family can spend time together and make a bond. (Source = Max Pixel)

What can parents do?

According to, there are many ways parents can spend quality time with their children. Some people even write down their calendar on the calendar, which is an effective way for dual-earner couples because every family member can share the plan. Although you can not always keep the schedule, parents can remember the schedule on the calendar, and they can expect time to spend with their parents.

Most children spend a considerable amount of time in school, so every family member is busy with their work, and a week or so a day with family is enough. Families can enjoy outdoor activities such as watching movies or picnics during this precious time. If you can not do outdoor activities, you can have a simple schedule such as eating a snack together.

The average American family does not have a nanny to care for their children. Therefore, some children help their parents with simple chores or errands. It is also useful for children to do housework together with parents. Not only can the children train their independence through this time, they learn many things to do as they get older.

There may be moments when a parent needs to finish a job or to have a nanny for minimal leisure. Even if you have a babysitter, it is helpful to have your child participate in family activities. Remember that you must use all of your current resources to effectively use the time.

In the present, interest can be distributed to smart phones and game consoles. Parents should coordinate the use of electronic devices so that their children are not disturbed. It is also a good idea to educate children so that they can afford to spend their budget and keep their own rules.

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