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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) refers to the sudden death of a healthy baby. Usually, the causes and mechanisms of the autopsy are not revealed through autopsy.

The most frequent episodes of sudden infant death are 6 months of age and are reported to occur more frequently in boys than girls. In the United States, it has been reported that 50 babies per 100,000 babies suddenly died. Most are known to occur during sleep between 10 pm and 10 am. In North America, it is also called "Yoramasa."

What causes sudden infantile syndrome?

The exact cause of sudden infant death has not been determined. Developmental delay due to premature birth or low birth weight, and brain abnormalities, respiratory disorders due to abnormal high temperature or temperature rise, and the like.

In the United States, a preliminary survey of autopsy data revealed that between 15 and 25 percent of babies who died of sudden infant deaths had central nervous system disorders, heart or lung disease, or infections. However, in order to accurately identify the cause of sudden death, the data are inadequate.

However, several risk factors have been identified that increase the risk of sudden infant death. The risk factors that experts say are as follows.

1. Genetic factors

If a baby 's sibling or cousin is killed by sudden infant death, the probability of sudden infant death is higher than in a normal infant.

2. Passive smoking

If you live with a smoker or if your mother smokes during pregnancy, the probability of sudden infant death is three times higher than that of a normal infant.

3. Early pregnancy

Early pregnancy has also been shown to increase the probability of sudden infant death.

4. Ethnic factors

African American and North American indigenous infants are more likely to die of infancy than white, South American, and Asian infants.

5. Dragonfly

The probability of sudden infant death increased when sleeping with both brothers and all babies. It is good to sleep with your baby in case you have an abnormality, but it is desirable to have enough distance from the baby.

What is the prevention of sudden infant death?

Sudden infant death is not 100% accurate precautions because it does not know the exact cause. However, you should not neglect your efforts to be able to leave your hands alone. Parents need to pay more attention to safe sleeping environments, including sleeping postures, for their children.

The infant should rest on the floor, day or night. Also, it is recommended to remove as much as possible those that may interfere with breathing during sleep. It is important to note that if you are too thick or overweight to cover your baby, it will be difficult for you to breathe.

Mothers should also refrain from any action that could adversely affect the baby during pregnancy. The smoking cigarette mentioned above is a representative example. Remember that the rate of sudden infant death increases by at least 3 times according to the amount of cigarette. You should also pay attention to secondhand smoke after childbirth.

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