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It is the parents' common mind that children want to find and achieve something with a sense of purpose and passion. However, I do not know how to draw your child's passion and help them achieve their goals. How can parents lead their children's passion?

Obstacles to the pursuit of passion

You should be able to pinpoint and point out precisely the elements that prevent your child from pursuing passion. We often overlook obstacles that can be found nearby.

For example, TVs, movies, Netflix, YouTube, and video games are now recognized as learning tools to some extent. However, improper use can be a factor that hinders the child's personal curiosity and critical thinking development.

Social media has become an integral part of maintaining the daily lives of individuals because of the development of the Internet. You can also develop insights about technology at an early age by dealing with social media. However, if you are exposed to social media from a very young age, it can be a bigger problem because you do not recognize the difference between what is publicly available and what is not.

The school is a place of learning, but if you have to do homework and study at home after school, in some ways it can act as a factor to hinder your child's creative activity or meaningful interest. Reviewing school lessons and doing homework can be a time to lose another important opportunity. Parents should be able to concentrate on the lessons at school and be able to help them achieve real education at home.

One of the things that many parents overlook is giving too much responsibility and duty. Of course, it is good to encourage family members to create rules that they can keep at home and live their schedule on schedule, but stressing responsibility with too many missions can be counterproductive. The child's passion and responsibility are separate and should be avoided.

Katie Hurley, a child and youth psychotherapist, also points out that parents who make their children grow into stars early on in the media are also a factor in preventing children from pursuing passion in life. Regardless of a child's will, having a parent bringing children to various media can make a child live a different life from his or her goal, or can have a distorted sense of accomplishment for a child.

We should refrain from criticism that interferes with the child's passion and interest, not constructive criticism. Children should be free to observe and explore objects without fear of judgment, criticism, or criticism. Parents must teach and develop what constructive criticism is and how to accept it. However, it should not be enough to break the passion of the child.

Meaning of passion

Dr Hurley published the story of his six-year-old son through his book. He said his child was passionate about soccer, piano, toy cars, and other things, and that the kids do not just concentrate on one thing and devote their passion. Whenever interest and curiosity arises, enthusiasm also occurs at the same time.

He also pointed out that this enthusiasm should not be a goal for a successful life or a goal and value in achieving high income. All enthusiasm is a source of interest and excitement that is inherent to the individual, explaining that changing the moments of a child's growth is not a compulsion.

Hurley advised, "Parents are confused with passion and professionalism," he said. "We need to help the child move toward a specific area of ​​passion and focus on his passion." Some parents force them to sacrifice play time, rest, and exploration time in order to make their child ready for college or employment in the name of enthusiasm, but this can not be a real passion. This is the goal for the parents themselves, and the opportunity to decide what the child wants to be is deprived.

Grow your passion, a parenting resource, introduced ways to help kids find their passion. I will reveal a few things.

You should be able to observe your child first and listen whenever your child talks about your interests. For example, every time you see a documentary about airplanes and flying things, you can be curious as your interest in flying increases.

And you should be able to encourage each time your child shows a particular interest. Encourage participation in specific activities, related programs, and field trips. However, the pursuit of enthusiasm should not be seen. Instead, it is wise to watch as your child grows his or her interests.

You should encourage your child to try and experience a variety of things. It is helpful to have a variety of things try, especially if your child can not make a clear decision about a particular concern.

The most important thing is to talk about what your child really wants to do. For example, parents can make plans to do what their child wants to do on the weekends or to do their favorite activities, and ask them why they like and like their passion. Or if your interests have changed, you can also ask questions and talk about them.

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