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Imagine a scene in which a beautiful flower dances in the wind in a lush garden.

If you have an appetite while looking at the fragrant flowers, here is the good news.

It is an edible flower that can be eaten right away.

Edible flowers are divided into two types, ornamental flowers and herbs.

The former is commonly used for decoration such as roses, chrysanthemums and orchids, and the latter is for dill, rosemary and thyme.

These flowers not only make the table more colorful but also contain minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus and essential vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin C.

Check out the list of suggestions below and choose the flowers that will make your dinner table richer.

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Mark McDonald, an organic seed company in Columbia, British Columbia, said "The blue star with a hairy, north-leaf," a special flower can be eaten by adding it to salads or sauces. "In summer, you can drink it in a lemonade, I can make it and put it in a gin tonic. "

Borage is a flower that adds freshness to a cool drink.

Melissa Breyer of the "TreeHugger" advocates that "when you heat it, you will lose its original charm, so be sure to take it when it is fresh."

The roots, leaves and seeds of the coriander are all suitable for decoration. Dandelion Dandelion 'axacum officinalis' has a somewhat difficult scientific name and dandelion has a sweet taste, especially a small bud bud.

Young children can be eaten or eaten raw.

McDonald 's advises to avoid dandelions growing near chemical - rich roads or grass.

Habisukusu Habisukusu flowers are worth more than the decoration on the ears on the beach.

The exotic flower tea contains natural antioxidants that help prevent cholesterol deposits and liver disease, according to the book, 'Herbs for Life' author and American registered nurse Linda Mix.

Marigold Marigold flowers, also known as marigolds, taste bitter and spicy in flavor of pepper. It is widely used as a food coloring in Europe in spite of the scent. Petals are also popular as a salad and beverage additive.

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Hanryun is an attractive edible flower with colorful flower buds such as red, yellow and orange.

It also serves as a luxurious appetizer with cream cheese, and if you put a bunch of stalks and leaves in a flat salad, you will have a unique dish.

McDonald's says, "Every part of the series is fragrant, sweet and spicy."

Seeds pickled in vinegar can be used as a substitute for capers. There are insects that may be present in a bunch of flies and should be removed and ingested.

Pumpkin flower The male flower of the amber flower and the female flower taste like the fresh pumpkin.

Mark McDonald suggests that "in a male flower, there is no fruit, so take the petal and fill it with your favorite ingredients such as meat or cheese."

However, the operation must be removed before stuffing or frying in the flower.

Sunflower Sunflower has the same flavor as artichoke. Buds can be grilled or steamed with butter.

The petals may be pickled or sprinkled on soups or salads.

Violet Mix explains that violets contain "ingredients that inhibit inflammation and are good for respiratory diseases."

It is often added to beverages and salads because of the unique sweet scent of violets. It is also used as a decorative flower of a confectionery product.

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Before choosing an edible flower Before you buy a flower for a dinner table, be sure to read the following precautions and enjoy safe, uncomfortable dishes of various colors.

First, you should eat flowers that are proved to be edible.

Melissa Breyer of Tree Huger, an expert in green news, suggests a reference book on edible flowers and plants in case of uncertainty.

It is best to eat flowers grown directly in the garden.

Flowers grown in florists are likely to have been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals.

Second, remove the pistil and the stamen and eat only the petals.

"Some flowers are toxic and some are not.

If you are allergic to pollen, you should take a small dose and test first. "

Mix says, "Eat only the gorgeous part of the petals. The other parts are not tasty.

Especially avoid the white part of the petals. "

Finally, you should not misunderstand that all flowers are edible.

How to Enjoy Edible Flowers Deliciously Marc McDonald in West Coast Siez explains that morning is the best time to harvest edible flowers.

At this time, the water content in the flower is the highest.

Flowers can be stored for up to one week.

Wrap the edible flowers in a wet paper towel, in a well-sealed container, and store in a refrigerator.

If you put a dead flower in ice water for a few minutes, you can see that the petal is alive and the color is clear.

How about adding colorful color and freshness to everyday simple table with edible flower which is good to body and tastes good.

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