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[Health] [seasonal change health care] How to get rid of acne acne in the millennium


You should not take care of cold or body during the season of change. It is a skin disease that can occur at the turn of the year. It is dangerous because it can spread to 'purulent acne' although it is not easily seen. Let's look at the causes of acne and the ways to get rid of acne.

Causes of Narrow Acne

Causes of acne are mainly poor management of dead skin, clogged pores and so on. If the makeup is thickened and the skin can not breathe, the puffy acne can come up. It's one of the reasons why acne is becoming more common because of the lack of proper cleansing. Another cause of acne is the dryness of the season. It can also be eating habits such as overeating and frequent ingestion of instant food.

How to get rid of acne

Recently, acne management plasma and acne management Flavine have come up in search rankings. You can see that interest in how to get rid of millet acne is hot. There are two main ways to get rid of the acne. First, you need to change your eating habits. It is good to refrain from instant food and eat fruit, vegetables and so on. Let's drink enough water. 2L a day is good. We also recommend lifestyle changes such as aerobic exercise, periodic keratin management, moisturizing cream, and stress management.

Pack good for acne

You can also make a good pack at home for acne puffiness. Egg whiteness pack, which puts bubbles on my face, is a typical example. The white pack has the effect of tightening the pores and organizing the keratin. It is famous for the pack which is good for the inflated acne. Potato packs made by grinding potatoes are good for cleaning pores and skin whitening. Cucumber packs and aloe packs are also recommended.

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