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[Health] [seasonal health care] ‘quiet killer’ early symptoms of hypertension and low blood pressure, good food for high blood pressure BEST


You often see scenes where the main character grabs the neck and falls down in a drama or a movie. Hypertension is the cause of the explanation. Hypertension, usually caused by family history, drinking, excessive sodium intake, etc. It is one of the 'common diseases' that afflicts people familiar with the western style.

Based on hypertension and hypertension, normal blood pressure

High blood pressure, as the name implies, is high in arterial blood pressure. Hypertension is more than 140mmHg on systolic blood pressure or 90mmHg on diastolic blood pressure. Only one of them is hypertensive. Normal range of blood pressure, normal blood pressure is 120/80 (systolic / diastolic) mmHg below normal.

Early symptoms of hypertension

The nickname of hypertension is 'quiet killer'. If you do not have any early symptoms of hypertension, you may be wondering about it. Occasionally, headache, sudden low vision, such as early symptoms of hypertension may be present. I can feel dizziness like anemia. Sometimes my head feels blurry, which is also a symptom of hypertension. If these symptoms persist, be sure to look for a hospital. Myocardial infarction, renal failure, arrhythmia, hypertensive retinopathy, hemorrhagic stroke and other complications of hypertension are also negligible.

Food that is good for high blood pressure and food that lowers high blood pressure

Good food for circulation is soy food, vegetables and fruits. It is also known as a good food for high blood pressure. It is a food that lowers high blood pressure. Super food red beet is also famous. Especially, drinking red bit juice and red bit juice steadily is effective in lowering blood pressure in short term. Shiitake mushroom, eggplant, buckwheat, potato, zucchini, and kelp are good foods for high blood pressure. Beef, egg yolk, sardines, pork, butter, cheese and other foods are restricted to hypertensive patients.

How to lower your high blood pressure?

Aerobic exercise such as cycling, climbing stairs, alerting, running is a way to lower your high blood pressure. The important point is that it is good to lower your blood pressure every day for at least 30 minutes. Drink only two cups of coffee a day, and do not drink alcohol. Let 's sip and avoid sweet foods.

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