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[Health] Surgery due to waist disk rupture … Symptoms and Cures

▲ Men suffering from back disk (source = Flickr)

The back disk and the intervertebral disc serve as a cushion to distribute the force between the vertebrae. The degenerative changes cause the internal nucleus of the intervertebral disc to penetrate through the fibrous ring surrounding it and cause nerve compression, resulting in pain and nerve symptoms.

Back pain caused by back disk (Source: Pixar Bay)

What is waist disc disease?

Waist disk is a disk between the vertebrae, discs, discs, nerves to get out of the back or sore symptoms of the back of the legs.

▲ cause of back pain (source = flicker)

What causes the waist disk?

As people age, their bodies age too. These include body tissues, organs, muscles, and bones. Waist discs are one of the common problems of aging. In addition, if a heavy object is to be moved to the side, it is subjected to compression force and salt power under excessive flexion, and the nucleus of the intervertebral disc is no longer wrapped in a fibrous ring, and it is caught between radioactive cracks and causes intervertebral disc herniation.

Symptoms of waist disk (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

What are the symptoms of the waist disk?

People suffering from back-disk disease have symptoms, especially when they sit and bend, with pain, legs sagging, and bladder and bladder clogging.

It affects both men and women and affects people between 20 and 50 years of age.

▲ Rupture (Source: Pixar Bay)

What happens if the waist disk ruptures?

If the disk of the spine is ruptured, the intervertebral disk loses its role of absorbing the shock and causes pressure on the nerve.

▲ Waist disc physiotherapy (source = Kessler Air Force Base)

Waist Disk Diagnosis

The diagnosis of herniated disc herniation can be made by examination and radiography. A typical test for diagnosing herniated disc herniation is to examine the ceiling, stretch the knee in an upright position, lift the affected leg slowly until the hip is at 90 degrees.

Waist disc surgery involves insertion of an artificial disc (Source: Pixar Bay)

What is the cure for the back disk?

Treatment of the waist disc can be divided into conservative and surgical methods. Conservative therapies include: absolute stabilization; anti-inflammatory analgesics; pelvic traction; thermal therapy; ultrasound therapy; Surgical therapy should be given if there is pain or unbearable pain that does not work even after 6 to 12 weeks of conservative treatment and if it does not improve or progress.

How is the lumbar disc surgery performed?

Surgical treatment to treat the lumbar disc is to remove the damage to the disc and insert an artificial disc instead of an old disc. This removes pressure on the nerve and helps relieve pain.

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