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Tomatoes are known as 'functional foods' and serve more than providing basic nutrition.

Tomatoes are nutrient-rich super foods, which are beneficial to our body, such as lycopene, and many other health benefits.

Tomato, a gypsy and plant, was considered a toxic plant in the United States in the past. Tomato is the origin of Central and South America, the Aztec name "Tomato" is sent to the Spanish word "Tomate" became known today as the English word 'tomato'.

The fact that daily intake of tomatoes is a great help for health promotion has already been revealed through various studies, and it is a bonus that it improves the taste when it is cooked together with food.

Tomatoes do not have much effort in cultivation and fostering, and they can be used quickly as an alternative food resource, making them a major alternative in many countries around the world.

There are many health benefits from eating tomatoes. There are some health benefits that can be gained from tomato consumption.

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and contain lycopene, an effective antioxidant that can fight against cancer-causing substances. These ingredients are also included in ketchup, a product that has been processed with heat from tomatoes.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals, and even if you eat only one tomato, 40% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C can be consumed.

Vitamin C intake is known to be effective in cancer prevention. Tomatoes also contain vitamins A for good vision, potassium for nerve health, iron for normal blood health, and vitamins K essential for blood clotting and bleeding control.

Tomatoes reduce cholesterol and help your heart health. Lycopene in tomatoes is effective in preventing cardiovascular disease by preventing oxidation of serum lipids.

Tomatoes also lower levels of LDL cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol, and lower blood triglycerides.

Tomatoes reduce the negative effects of smoking, and the major components of tomatoes, coumarinic acid and chlorogenic acid, are the major carcinogens in the cigarette. Vitamin A in tomatoes also weakens the effects of carcinogens and lowers the risk of lung cancer.

Tomato helps improve eyesight. Vitamin A contained in tomatoes helps to eye health and prevents symptoms such as night blindness and macular degeneration.

Tomatoes also promote digestion, prevent constipation, diarrhea and keep the digestive system healthy, prevent jaundice symptoms. Tomatoes contain dietary fiber that can improve bowel movements and relieve constipation symptoms and prevent colon cancer.

Tomato lowers the risk of hypertension, increases blood circulation by alleviating blood vessel and arterial contraction, and relieves crowding on the heart to prevent hypertension or hypertension.

Diabetes management is also possible through the intake of tomatoes. One study found that tomatoes lower oxidative stress levels in diabetes.

Tomatoes are also good for skin health. Tomatoes help teeth, bones, hair, and skin health. There is also a way to apply the tomato directly to the skin to manage the sunburned skin.

Tomatoes prevent urinary tract infection, but also prevent bladder cancer. The high water content in tomatoes increases urination, releasing toxins, moisture, salinity, uric acid, and fat in the body.

You can eat tomatoes in a variety of ways, just eat raw, or use it as a source of many dishes, sauces, salads, and beverages. Tomatoes are treated as raspberry fruits and classified as vegetables.

Tomatoes can be used as a flavorful dining table material, and stored in the refrigerator will lose its flavor.

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