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[HEALTH] Why do you always feel tired


There are times when people feel particularly tired. However, chronic fatigue is not simply a type of sleep that can be solved for 8 hours. Sometimes doctors suggest that they sleep longer or take a vacation to lessen fatigue. But Robinberg, MD, in an article in the Well + Good site, explained that "the root cause of fatigue is very complex and often simple, steady changes in life can be a solution."

The following are the major causes of chronic fatigue.

1. Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome

This symptom occurs when there is an imbalance in cortisol production. "Cortisol levels are generally high in the morning and low in the evening," Dr. Virgins said. If cortisol levels are high or low throughout the day, the adrenal cycle can be confusing and steps need to be taken to balance it.

2. Excessive intake of sugar or processed foods

When the body produces a small amount of energy at the cellular level, it is easy to feel fatigued. When you eat a lot of sugar and processed foods, free radicals are produced in your body. A free radical is an atomic group with unpaired electrons and is characterized by unstable motion. This can damage cells and DNA. "Free radicals create an environment in which cells do not get energy," Dr. Virgins pointed out.

3. Nutrient-deficient diet

Some diets are high in calories, while nutrients are low, making them weak. Dr. Virgins said that eating a diet low in folic acid and vitamin B12 could cause magnesium deficiency in the nervous system and, in severe cases, depression. Alcohol and coffee reduce kidneys and nutrients in the body. When you are stressed for a long time, your body releases magnesium faster. Drugs such as blood pressure drugs and gastric inhibitors also reduce or eliminate nutrients.

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