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The plague from animals is serious enough to affect humans, and one recent study showed that the vulnerability of monkeys to viruses also affects humans. It is a Zika virus.

Facts about monkeys and Zika virus

According to an article in the Science Daily, scientists say they were able to detect a chikara virus after examining dead monkey bodies in various parts of Brazil. The local people who were afraid of monkeys suffering from yellow fever, such as Velorie Zonte, Minas Gerais, Sang Pao, and the two supporters of São Paulo, have killed monkeys, which means that the monkeys are not yellow fever but have Zizek virus.

Maurício Lacerda Nogueira, a senior researcher, explained in detail that the research predicted the possibility that the Zika virus in Brazil would follow a "wild cycle". He is a professor at the University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and has been the chairman of the Brazilian Virological Society. Sao Paulo Research Foundation has provided financial support to the researchers for this research.

The study, which showed that Zikavirus is likely to follow wild-infectious cycles like yellow fever, shows that Zikavirus has a natural mediator that is likely to be repeatedly and quite infectious to humans, making it different from previously known epidemiologic facts . A few years ago, scientists found that Zika virus, which was found in humans, was found in monkeys, and this study showed that Zika virus was more prevalent than we thought, as the first study to discover Zika virus in the wild.

Scientists who have studied monkeys killed by residents have compared the genetic makeup of viruses found in monkeys and chika viruses that have affected humans, and the overall sequence of the genome was similar to that of humans. In addition, the week the study was conducted, mosquitoes were examined where the monkey died, and this mosquito was found to be a carrier of Zicca viruses.

Threat of yellow fever cycle

The fact that yellow fever infects more animals in the same geographical location proves to be a huge threat to humans. This epidemic is still considered to be very dangerous to humans and is a threat despite efforts to prevent infection with vaccines such as antivirals and vaccines. Public health, health specialists, vaccine developers, and legislators.

Zikavirus was first discovered in African monkeys, which infected not only humans but other monkeys, and when it came to Asia, only people were infected with the virus. This is similar to when the dengue fever virus invaded the United States.

The need for further research

Because Zicca virus is naturally infected by monkeys, mammals can become mediators and transmit viruses to tropical urban areas. The researchers argue that more research is needed to pinpoint exactly how the virus affects the city. In addition, a follow-up study is needed to find out how to infect non-human animals in the Latin American region of the tropical climate

In an article by Sceince Mag, researchers say they are only explaining the relationship between mosquitoes and Zicca viruses, and these mosquitoes have caused a plague in Brazil, mainly by asking people with the Gifty species in Idesua do. As they became more and more difficult to eat human blood, they became monkeys' blood. In order to grow and spread the virus in the wild, mosquitoes must suck the monkey's blood directly.

The virus may have been latent in the monkey's body for a long time without being infected, but such a case has not yet been discovered. Also, if Zikavirus is transmitted only to monkeys and humans, the virus found in monkeys may have a different genetic structure from that infected by human beings, but genetic analysis can still be difficult to judge.

It is good news that there are not many Zika viruses in the wild. Until now, vaccines for Zikavirus have not been approved or developed, but if an effective vaccine appears, the infected person will be able to free up the virus before it spreads the disease to the other. However, despite the use of vaccines and mosquito control, it is not difficult to control Zika virus in the wild.

On the other hand, thanks to the constant efforts of scientists and researchers, more and more results are being produced and improving the quality of human life. Now, it turns out that monkeys can also carry Zika viruses, so people should be alert and alert before approaching monkeys.

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