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Port Vell pigs, or mini pigs are small pigs that are widely known as pets. Compared to regular pigs, they are small and cute, making them popular as pets.

Mini pigs are highly intelligent and neat, so they can cover up to the feces and give you a lot of training like a puppy. First of all, it is good to name and train pigs to respond to their names.

If you name the pig, you should let the pig come to you when you call your name. When calling a pig, use only one name. Pigs can be confusing if you make multiple nicknames. In addition, positive reinforcement training is conducted when training. If the pig comes by calling the name, praise it, touch it, and give it a snack. Because pigs like to eat very well, training results are better when they are trained as snacks. Snacks given to pigs should be low-fat healthy and delicious food. It is good to give the baby cake to eat.

When you call the name of the pig, the pig will react better if you speak softly with a high voice.

Mini pigs have 12 to 18 years of life, but some pigs live more than 20 years. Mini pigs include Vietnamese port valley, Chinese port valley, micro mini pig, dandy extreme, mini juliana, and royal dandy varieties.

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

Small pigs can feed for pigs from 3 weeks old. If the pig is too fat, reduce the amount of feed and snacks. There are some owners who do self-feeding to pigs, but it is better to limit them to two meals a day. It is effective to prevent obesity by feeding vegetables frequently. However, avoid starch. Also, do not give too much fruit because the fruit has a lot of sugar. Vitamin supplements, selenium for iron intake, alfalfa hay for dietary fiber intake may also be fed.

Mini pigs should not eat chocolate, salty foods, fatty foods, cat food or dog food. You should not give cold food fresh from the refrigerator. If you start to lose weight in the pig's eyelids, it's a sign that pigs are becoming obese. If the pig loses appetite, it means that it is sick, so you should take the pig to the vet.

Mini pigs have to live indoors, but for a few hours a day, they need to walk and exercise in the open air. If there is a yard, the pig digs the ground and eats the roots of the plant. Plant roots help prevent constipation. As mentioned earlier, pigs are intelligent and clean, so they can do toilet training. However, it should be noted that snacks should not be used when training toilets. There is a possibility that pigs will split their feces several times to eat snacks.

Mini pigs should be given a neutralization surgery. Neutralization of pigs is similar to that of dogs and cats. However, since the hernia can occur after surgery, be sure to have a skilled veterinarian undergo surgery. The operation period of the mini-pig is 8 ~ 12 weeks. The operation time should not exceed 12 weeks. In particular, female pigs are sex hormones secreted from about 12 weeks of age. However, mini pigs that have already undergone sexual maturation are difficult to raise as domestic pets.

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