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Cats have different hair patterns and colors. The most common pattern is the tabby, or stripes. Tabby cats have various patterns such as stripes, stripes and speckles, spots and stripes. The cat's tabby pattern is called various names depending on the hair color, pattern and shape. Often, the cat we call a cheese tabby is a yellow-striped cat, and the cat we call mackerel tevi are gray, black, and white. Also, the tabby patterns are more attractive and special because they have different genetic and historical origins. In fact, all cats have stains on their bodies, and cats that appear on the fur are often considered more special than cats, which historically have been one of the sights. If a cat has an agouti gene or some of it is dominant, a tabby pattern appears. On the other hand, even if you have an agouti gene, it is not feasible if it is feeble. These cats are classified as solid cats. Although it is not as diverse as Tevi, it also divides the cat's hair pattern with tri-color, bicolor, tuxedo, chaos, tricolor, and point. "It's even more special because all of these patterns are known as the oldest patterns," says the expert. Tabby cats usually have an alphabet M-shaped pattern on their foreheads. This is also a pattern that makes the tabby cat special.

Tevi Cat in a Trough When a baby Jesus was lying in a trough in a stall, it was a tabby cat that helped him. Mary asked the animals to gather to make the baby Jesus warm, but the trough was too small for the animals to enter. At that time, a small teddy cat said that he lay down by the side of Jesus. Mary gratefully acknowledged the name M in her head. This is why the M is on the forehead of the tabby cat. Mohammed and Tavis According to Islamic legends, Mohammed loved Tevi cats. When Mohammed was about to attend the prayer, Mohammed said he was sleeping in a sleeper 's sleeves, but Mohammed, who did not want to wake the cat, cut off his sleeves. This cat, Muezza, saved the life of the Mohammed. So Mohammad was very cats and gave them the ability to land on their feet no matter where they left off. Mohammad also wrote a vision of a woman who starved to death a cat who was punished in hell. According to this legend, Mohammad carved an M-letter with love in the forehead of his cat. To date, cats in Islam are loved regardless of breed, color, or hair pattern, and can enter the temple. Ancient Egyptian Tevi Cats Ancient Egypt also has a legend about Tevi's cat. In Egypt, the cat was called the Mau. This is said to be a name derived from the cry of the cat. Also, the corn means light, or see. Because the cat's eyes shine brightly at night, the ancient Egyptians associated this lovely animal with the moon. The cat was worshiped as a divine being in ancient Egypt. The Egyptian goddess Bastet has a cat's head and is described as a sun god and also a cat.

Types of cat tabby patterns 1. Classic tabby patterns The tabby pattern is a striped pattern with a round shape on the side of a cat's body. It is a pattern often seen in American short hair cats. 2. Mackerel Tevi Mackerel Tevi is a narrow stripe that leads to the body side of the cat. Also known as tiger pattern. This pattern is called mackerel tevi because the stripes start from the vertebrae and stretch out and look like a fish skeleton from above. 3. Spotted Tevi Stripes are connected in a short pattern so that they are like dots. It may look like a cow pattern or a speckled pattern. It is often seen in bengal cats. 4. Chick Tevi Instead of the dark stripes, the color of the ends of the hair is different and different colors. There are no stripes or spots on the body, but the color of the turtle is different. It is a pattern often seen in Abyssinian cats or Abyssinian mixed cats. 5. Tortoise-like pattern Tortoise This is a pattern that exists like a tortoise-like shell with large spots. Mainly brown, red, and black hairs are sitting like big chunks. These hair patterns stand out on the legs and faces of cats.

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