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Long arms, long legs, and body covered with heavy hair. If you imagine a monster, it is a misunderstanding. The most important modifier is the 'sloth', an animal that anyone can think of if you just say 'slow'.


Sloth is a mammal that grabs a tree with its distinctive long claws and eats plants while hanging. Or sleeping. It lives in tropical rain forests in Latin America and is capable of sleeping on trees and eating at the same time.

As its name suggests, it has a different character than rabbits, dogs, and beavers that run around. Life expectancy is about 10 years, while sleeping time is about 15 ~ 20 hours a day. In other words, there is more time to sleep than the awake time. When you are awake, you stay in the woods and hardly move except when you eat, drink or swim. Surprisingly, it is still questionable how to breathe and swim with animals that are quite good at swimming.

The nemesis is a large feline animal such as a puma or leopard, and raptors like eagles or hawks. When they discover sloths and attempt to attack, they make a loud noise or use long claws to defend themselves.

The nail is an important element that distinguishes two types of sloth. It divides into forefoot and claw number. They are divided into two slats with front toes and three slats with back toes. The height is about 60 ~ 76cm and the weight is about 3.6 ~ 7.7kg. When comparing the two species, the sloth with three toes is smaller in size and has a tendency to sit straight and straight on the tree. On the other hand, only two species with no toes prefer to hang upside down. However, the distinctive 'sad eyes' correspond to both species. However, according to the color of the face, the three-toed sloth is a smile.

Hollywood star

Sloth is not always an animal to see around, but it is so familiar that no one knows it. It is featured in popular culture and contributes to a positive image.

For example, in the blockbuster animation "Zootopia" produced by Disney last year, the sloth appeared. Ironically, the name of the character was Flash, which seemed to suit the speedy people. In addition, Hollywood actor Kristen Bell, who played the voice of another sloth "Priscilla", was already famous for her tremendous love for sloth. When she received her sloth as a birthday event from her husband, she was so happy that she could even make a pussy. Her husband, actor Dax Shepard, later appeared on the Ellen Show and complained that it was difficult to legally raise sluts in the United States. There are only two authorized sellers authorized to sell in the United States.

International Sloth Day

Every October 20th is a sloth day. Colombia's nonprofit foundation, AIUNAU, enacted the day to reconsider its awareness of restoration, protection, and welfare of sloth. AIUNAU focuses on wildlife conservation, especially on the slug trafficking of Colobia and the restoration of Xenarthra (mammals following ants).

On this special day AIUNAU described them as "lovely and charismatic animals." Lucy Cooke, an explorer and award-winning filmmaker at National Geographic, praised the sloth for "loving their lovely smile, slow lifestyle and the ability to hug themselves". He also pointed out that sloth is the most misunderstood creature in nature.

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