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When it comes to rescue dogs, people often think of St. Bernard. Saint Bernard is about 90cm in height and weighs about 120kg. He is also active as a mountain rescue dog by tying a wooden barrel under his neck. However, distress accidents do not occur only in the mountains. Accidents can occur at any number of lakes, rivers or seashores. What if there was a sudden storm or wreck, or a rattling on the bridge? Fortunately, some of the best friends of humans are dogs specializing in underwater survival.

Activities of resident dogs

The Italian Coast Guard explained that the rescue dogs are very helpful. Italian rescue dogs rescued over 3,000 a year since 2012. These dogs are trained in obedience training, rough and dangerous training, such as hunting in the harness and jumping into the air with a helicopter. The training period lasts more than a year. In Italy, more than 400 certified rescue dogs are active.

"Six dogs are needed to get a sled, but one dog can save six people in the water." This is a statement from Peruvian philosopher Trainee Trainee, who has been working at a rescue dog school in Milan since 1989.

Among the dogs are dog breeds that can save people who are in the water because they like to swim as much as possible. This time, let's look at the dogs that act as rescue dogs.

1. Newfoundland

Newfoundland is not only suitable for swimming, but also has small webbing between toes. So you can move very fast in the water. The dog was so strong that he took the task of moving the tree, lifting fishermen 's nets, and delivering food and mail.

Newfoundland is a reliable rescue dog that can save people even in violent tides. It is about 66 to 70 cm, weighs about 50 to 80 kg, and life expectancy is 8 to 10 years.

2. Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog is a muscular body with thick hairs and does not fall well. The dog moved with the crew in the early nineteenth century and delivered mail from the ship, the shore, or the shore to the ship. It also helped the fishermen deliver fishing equipment that had fallen into the water.

In 1972, there were only 12 Portuguese water dogs in the United States, but in 10 years the population increased to 650.

3. Irish Water Spaniel

The dog is curly, curious and capable of multitasking, as well as dogs, dogs, guard dogs. The curly hairs are not soaked in water, so they serve to keep the body warm when the Irish Water Spaniel dives into the water. So this dog can swim in cold water like ice.

4. Spanish water dog

If Newfoundland is a weak rescue dog in hot weather, Spanish Water Dog adapts to both hot and cold weather. The body is medium-sized and the hair is more curly and does not molt more than the Irish Water Spaniel. Compared to other aquatic rescue dogs, they are not suitable for rescuing large people because of their small size, but they are reliable rescue dogs.

Other breeds that like water

1. Bar Bay (Barbette): Bar Bay, the ancestor of the poodle, played a role in hunting buffalo. There is a webbed on the feet. France is a country of origin and enjoys outdoors.

2. Boykin Spaniel: He was active when hunting waterfowl with agile middle-aged dogs.

3. Chesapeake Bay Retriever: It is a hunting dog that serves to bring waterfowl that a person shoots.

4. Labrador Retriever: He is gentle, intelligent, strong in shoulders and legs, and works for dogs, hunting dogs, dogs, guide dogs, and service dogs.

5. Nova Scotia Ducktrolling Retriever: A smart, playful and energetic hunter. The hair is doubly moist and waterproof.

6. Otterhound: Britain is the origin and grows up to 65cm in height. I do not get tired of swimming in cold water for a long time.

7. Poodle: Poodle is mostly dog, but originally it was a sand crocodile that was specialized in wetlands and lakeside hunting. Highly intelligent and curly hairs are suitable for swimming because it protects the body in water. Depending on size, it is divided into standard, miniature, and toy.

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