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[Issue] If you find a wild snake, just avoid the spot

Photo: Flickr

Reptilian snakes frequently appear during the high summer temperatures. If you look at a snake, there are many people who scream and run away, or find a tool to kill a snake. But first you have to understand the nature of the snake and escape from common misconceptions.

Most people think that if a snake meets a human, it will attack immediately. But in reality, the snake is more afraid of man.

In particular, the United States has seen a lot of poisonous vipers such as rattlesnakes, and many people died from snakebite.

Kelly Norid, a city biologist at the Parks and Wildlife Service in Texas, said the snakes would hardly attack people first.

The snake uses a poison to kill its prey, which is too big for a snake to regard as a prey, Norid says.

Most people also think that snakes will attack them in real life. When people find a snake, they react fiercely and avoid the nearest shelter.

For those who do not want the snake to come near the house, Norid advised the snakes not to provide a place for the snake to breathe like stumps or stones in the yard.

He also explained that it is good to learn how to distinguish between poisonous snakes and poisonous snakes.

"There are snakes, swamp snakes, and coral snakes in the Houston area. If you go up towards Conroe, you will find a rattlesnake, a protected species. If you move south to some dunes in Galveston, you will find a western diamond rattlesnake. These snakes are really dangerous species. "

It is helpful to familiarize these dangerous snakes.

When you actually find a snake in your backyard, and the snake is a serpent, the best way is to leave the snake alone and avoid it.

Norid said, "Leave the snake away from the people and leave the snake alone. The snake will move alone, and will eat rodents such as rats. "

Killing a snake is not the best way. Because the eradication of snakes hinders the delicate balance of local ecosystems.

A snake may be terrifying to see, but it is not as bad as we think.

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