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[Issue] To send a snake safe summer

Photo Source: Wisconsin Ministry of Natural Resources / Flickr

Residents of Chattanooga, in the US state of East Tennessee, should pay attention to two serpent 'black rattlesnakes' and 'tan serpents' that emerge in the summer.

"It would be helpful if people got to know this snake properly," said Zack's reptile expert David Headrick.

Head Rick states that it is easy to distinguish black rattlesnakes because of their unique hair style and stripes, but the tan serpent can be identified by the hourglass pattern on his back and the skin color of orange brown.

He said that snakes attack most of their time for self defense. This is also an important reason for people to be careful when riding, jogging, and outdoors.

"You should never pick a snake that thinks you are already dead or is trying to kill another snake. Snakes do not attack unless a person comes first. "99 percent of the people who are bitten by the serpent must know that they have touched the snake first."

In addition to touching the snake, I also noticed other cautions. He said, "When you meet the serpent, you must walk on a wide path and stop on the spot. The edges of the road should also be avoided when running or walking. Black rattlesnakes and tan serpents are usually hidden under trees or around large stones. The best way is to slowly move away from them and do not move unnecessarily. "

However, snakes play an important role in controlling ticks and rodent populations. People usually do not want snakes to appear around the house, so maintaining a neat environment is a way to spend free summer from snakes.

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