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The hunter concentrates all sense on the game. However, if you are with a hunting dog, you can trace the location of the hunt by relying on the smell of the hunting dog. Would not it be more reliable on the olfactory side if there were two hound noses? Among the many breeds, there are only three varieties with double noses. Andean Double Nosed Tiger Hound, Navarro Pointer and Tarsus Catalburun are the main characters. These three breeds are all special, but most notably Catalybun in terms of scarcity.

Tarsus Catalan from Turkey

Catalybun, also known as a turkey pointer, is one of the pointer varieties and originates from Turkey. This breed is so rare that it is breed exclusively in Turkey. Currently, there are only about 200 cattle rubs reported.

Turquoise pointers are known for their agility and stamina, but among them the olfactory abilities are the best. This excellent olfactory ability is related to the double nose.

Origin of Tar Sous Cataly Bouron

Tarsus Catalun is not officially recognized as a breed, and its history is also mysterious. According to some reported reports, Tarsus Cataly Bourne is from TarSus region of Turkey, and is a descendant of the European poetry that the ancient Turkish royal family created.

It is said that the original varieties were mutated into double noses, and that Spain and Portugal were crossed with other varieties during the Ottoman Empire period, when they occupied Turkey, and became varieties similar to the Spanish pachon nabarro or nabaro pointers.

Physical feature

The name Tarsus Catalun is a Turkish word meaning 'fork-shaped nose', attached to the appearance of a nose. Since it has not yet been recognized as an official varieties, no one knows the standard varieties of this varieties and can not explain differences with other varieties. However, the ears that lie under the face are similar to the pointer varieties. And there are stiff, short hairs all over the body. There are stain pattern like black, white, yellow, red throughout the whole body.

Tarsus Catalan's character

It is generally submissive and quiet. They are loyal to their masters, but they are aggressive when strangers or other dogs approach them. Besides, it is excellent as a hunting dog because it is excellent in agility, stamina and tracking ability. In addition, tracing ability, navigation, structure, drug detection, and so on.

Health of Tar Sous Cataly Bourun

Because it is extroverted and active, it is generally healthy and can live up to 13 years. In fact, because the cattle breeds are homogenous in the same breed, there are some health problems such as hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and skin problems.

Great hunting dogs and companions

Catalun is considered a very precious dog in Turkey and is active as a hunting dog. It is so clever and easy to train that it can be a great companion in your home as well as in hunting. He is faithful to his master and kind to a child. Even if a child accidentally injures Cataluno, this loyal dog does not bite the child.

However, strangers are aggressive and need training. It is loyal and affectionate to the owner, but it is also excellent as a home guard dog because it displays aggression to a stranger coming into the zone, and it touts it.

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