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[Parenting] 16 things that single women listen to sit on their ears

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

1. "Why is not there a boyfriend yet?

Since she is single, no one is not interested in her. It is her choice to remain single.

2. "It's better to be alone with people who are constantly interfering."

It is foolish to hang out with someone who always interferes with others. This relationship is not a healthy relationship.

3. "You are so brave."

It is not bad to invest as much as possible in your life.

4. "Hard-to-climb trees encourage men to compete."

Not all single women are arrogant enough to buy men's attention. Some women do not want the interest of men themselves.

5. "I have a lot to lose if I am alone!"

Women do not have to share jobs, sports, fun, or success with others.

6. "You do not have any responsibility. envy."

This is what a single woman really hears. Why do we need to be responsible only when we are meeting other people? Responsibility is essential even if you are alone.

7. "Are you waiting for the perfect man?"

Not all women wait for anyone, they just live their lives.

8. "If you are too independent, men do not like it."

This is not a praise at all, nor is it intended to be seen by men because it is not independent.

9. "You are good at doing the hard work alone."

The fact that a woman is single does not mean she has no problem. However, the woman is only able to deal with the difficult or bad situation well.

10. "Do not worry. You are doing well. "

It is a nuance that it is a pity that it is a single. It is not hard for women to be single.

11. "If you are single, you can have a party all day."

Not all women like to party.

12. "You are still young, so you have plenty of time."

The fact that a woman is older does not mean that she will not have a chance to make a lover.

13. "Do not worry if you do not have a child. I have a nephew. "

A woman can have a child if she wants, with or without a marriage partner.

14. "A single woman is better than a single man."

If you are a single woman, can you have sex at any time? Not at all.

15. "Anyway, you have a good job."

Just having a good career is enough.

16. "How can I be alone? I can not live without emotion. "

Single women fall in love. They love their family and friends.

Bachelor is not the worst tragedy on earth. Besides, it is helpful if you have time to focus on yourself.

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