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As children grow up, they enjoy discovering and exploring as much as possible. In particular, sports are a great help for children to be active and active in their lives.

It is easy to think of traditional sports such as basketball and soccer, but it is good to challenge special and adventurous sports that can be done anytime and anywhere regardless of weather or temperature, and also helps to strengthen physical strength.

Especially, rock climbing is very popular among modern people. It is very good because it can strengthen physical strength without being affected by weather or temperature. Some parents find this activity too dangerous and inappropriate for their child, but they are actually one of the safest sports compared to other general sports. In addition, it will be the first in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Benefits of Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has many effects on the improvement of social skills and intellectual ability including physique. In addition, proper coordination and strength, skill, flexibility, and speed are required due to intense activity. Disclose some of the following benefits from the Australian Sports Camp:

Strength, Endurance, Flexibility

One of the notable advantages is that children can be rejuvenated with healthy body shape. The use of both the body upper and lower characteristics, you can add to the whole body evenly to strengthen the physical strength.

It helps to strengthen the core, especially the arms and legs, and it can improve the muscles since childhood, thus improving the physical fitness. Starting from the first easy step to the harder step, it also helps to increase the flexibility and durability step by step.

Harmony of hands, feet and eyes

Hands, feet, and eyes are the areas where you need to work together on rock climbing. First, you should look carefully at the rock, then take it with your hands and get up well with your feet. If you adjust these three things well, you can develop a strategy to reach the top of the rock in a more convenient way.

Even among adults, climbing up and down can be confusing or difficult to ascend, but early adopters can be very accustomed to looking up and down.

Confidence and self-esteem

A child with phobias can play a big role in overcoming phobias. High walls can seem very threatening and frightening, but if you actually challenge them, you'll feel more comfortable going up. This leads to an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem, and at any moment it will not be impossible to climb to the top.

The positive encouragement of fellow climbers and instructors together maximizes self-confidence. A step by step to achieve this goal can be a great experience for a child.

Problem solving and decision making

It is not easy to climb to the top of course. Moving from sports to the next level means that there is a lot of difficulty. At first, the difficulty of the challenge is easy, but as the development progresses, the challenge phase becomes difficult.

Therefore, you should always use the right strategy for the steps leading to the summit. This positively affects not only sports but also children's ability to make correct solutions and judgments in various situations in daily life. In addition, it is an experience to learn decision making ability because it is able to know the success or failure through the strategy chosen by the user.

Relieve stress

If you live in a fast-paced environment where everything is going fast, stress can build up. However, climbing rocks can help relieve stress, anxiety, and tension. Also, because it focuses on climbing, it is also a method of meditation.

Communication and social skills

If you are operating as a team and rock climbing, communication with team members is essential. If your child has a very shy personality, these sports will give you the perfect opportunity to express yourself and build up your friendship.

Also, because the team's climbing challenges are driven by strategy and decision-making, the skills and communication to advance further help team development. This requires leadership and social skills. Through this experience, children can learn leadership skills. You can also learn how to listen to your team members.

Climbing type

There are several types of climbing. I will reveal a few things.

* Bouldering

The word Boulder is a large rock of sediment. Therefore, it is difficult to climb technically, and a high level of rock climbing technology is required.

Without using ropes, you need to utilize a variety of climbing techniques, sophisticated footwork, and more dynamic action to get as much rock as possible. Even though it's a dangerous climb, it can be an optimal activity for those who want to get rid of adrenaline.

* Top roping

It is used mainly for rock climbing which is characteristic of the competition by climbing with rope attached to the anchor. Because it is a relatively safe way to improve skills, it is often used in training courses that repeat and practice pitch.

* Artificial rock climbing

Artificial rock climbing, called sports climbing, refers to a form of climbing an artificial rock using only hands and feet, while requiring bolts or other fixed anchor points. It is made by moving rock climbing which can be experienced in mountainous places to an artificial facility, and it is made to move the wall by installing artificial hold on the structure such as plywood and FRP.

Starting age of climbing

Rock climbing is a multipurpose sport that anyone, regardless of age, can participate in. If you want your child to be active and play sports indoors and outdoors, learning from childhood can be a challenge.

However, if you are a very young toddler, you may want to have a look at it first and then try it at an appropriate level when you are old enough.

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