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The puberty, which starts to explore existence and is confused, appears mainly in the 13 to 19 age group. This is a process in which children become adults, and they are deeply concerned about school life, sexual life, friendship, love, appearance, and self-identity. It is also the step that needs the most parents.

Steps you feel are natural to receive

This step makes everything feel natural and pursues immediate satisfaction. Therefore, children at this stage should not be misunderstood. The best way to help teenagers make the most of this time is to be patient and listen to them.

It is natural for teenagers to feel that they are receiving what they are and not wrong. Parents should keep reminding them what is the most important value. "If you feel that your children are receiving too much, then it is better to remind them of what they are doing better than they are comfortable with it," said Dr.

Steps to like reason

Teenagers at this stage or pre-adolescent boys open their eyes to reason. Adolescence may or may not appear earlier than its peers.

At this stage, what you have to do for your children is to help you get sick. The best way to get rid of depression and rebellion is to look at yourself from a third party perspective. For example, you should tell your uncompromising child that you can not make a good impression when you talk, whisper, or laugh when your favorite person passes by, and that it is not cute to be obsessed or seem insane.

It can also help to keep a child busy, or let a sport or other form of play do not get too close to reason.

Sensitive step

Adolescents feel lonely and heartbroken thinking that no one can understand themselves. In severe cases, it also leads to depression and sometimes self-harm. It is important for them to be friends and guardians and communicate well.

The most important steps

Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) explains that these teenagers are afraid of going to school, and that even adolescents and adolescents are under pressure to be perfect, worry about scores, parents' oppression, competition, sportswear, I am stressed by the amount of learning.

In addition, most children at this time are under the burden of being proud of their parents.

The PAMF said, "It is a time when a child needs to be supported even if he fails."

Children are also teased during this period. This step is a step of increasing the creativity of the children, and it may show off the frame, so it may be seen as a schoolboy and teased by friends. It is necessary to encourage children who are undergoing this step. In the adult world, the child's unique point is called creativity, and let's say that creativity is a very important factor.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post said, "Twenty years later, we could have the most pleasurable revenge in high school reunions."

Whatever your child is going through, the role as a parent is to cheer your child and guide you in the right way. It is important to be a friend-like parent to help them always have a positive way of thinking without feeling alone. It's also good to keep reminding kids that the time they want to be so adults is really fast.

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