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Most parents tend to rely solely on textbooks or books for their children's education. However, materials with amusing elements such as play and movies can be a great help to education and development. In particular, learning with visual materials is not only easier to learn, but also enhances concentration, which is desirable for improving learning. Introduces educational movies and animations that parents can watch with their children.

Finding Nemo

"Finding Nemo," directed by Andrew Stanton, an Oscar winner, is a great animation that can improve the imagination and creativity of the sea. A curious baby fish When Nemo is kidnapped, his father, Marlin, ventures into the sea to save his son, and he can experience the many adventures he experiences as he visits his son. In this process, we can observe sea creatures such as coral reefs and sea turtles, and convey messages about the environment to adults as well as children. It can be a good educational resource for parents and teachers looking for a movie about the meaning of family, love, and commitment. Oh, you can also appreciate the value of acting courageously in spite of the hardships and hardships of life while watching movies, and you can realize the importance of friendship.


Incredible is more loved by the adults than the children. In short, it has the story and end of Kwon Sung Jin. The superhero, Incredible, was accused by a citizen who had been helped, and eventually led to a collective suicide, living a normal life, but later became a superhero who turned into a villain and became a fighter again with the villain. There is a message here that awakens the importance of family love and life. Overall, it emphasizes what it is like to work together and the importance of family unity.

Charlie and the chocolate factory

The film focuses on the story of children around the world's premier chocolate factory, Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, and was featured worldwide by Johnny Depp. The film focuses on the remaining four children who have entered the factory while securing the golden ticket to tour the factory, the main character, Charlie Bucket, and have secured tickets like Charlie. But the four children, except Charlie, are greedy, fighting, and troublemakers, and eventually the successor to the chocolate factory is Charlie's. This film is evaluated as a good visual story of the importance of children as they grow up, that is, honesty and truth.

▲ The film unfolds the importance of having children grow up, that is, their honesty and truth through a visual story (Source = Flickr)

Little Pig Babe

As you can see from the movie title, Babe is a warm and loving movie with a baby pig as its hero. In general, pigs are not clean or clean images, they are not just pets, they are simply treated as a meat ingredient. But once you see the movie, even carnivorous people are left with the inspiration for the personality of pigs enough to consider vegetarianism.

In addition, it focuses on moral values, prejudiced minds, curiosity and courage, unlike films that are full of funny jokes and explicit expressions, making soul and mind pure. My mother is being dragged to the slaughterhouse and she comes to the farm but she tells her not to be afraid of challenging new things with confidence in the story that she makes wonderful things on her own and eventually becomes champion in the raising competition.

Little Scientist Seed

It is an animation for science education and plays a very big role in causing scientific curiosity to children. It is well suited for parents or teachers who want to teach them to understand science concepts well. The film's main character, Sid, is always curious about why things or other objects move and work in a certain way. I always ask a lot of questions, and there are a lot of people around me who solve problems and give me guidance to friends, family, teachers, and so on. It is a character full of friendship and love full of smiles as much as curiosity, which can provide great educational value to preschool children.

Schoolhouse Rock

"Schoolhouse Rock," a short film series for general education and music education, is particularly popular among children. The film offers a variety of options for children to learn in fun and engaging ways, from topics to general issues to science and literature. Children can learn about science, grammar, history, and society through popular music such as Round the World, Shothurd, No More Kings, Fireworks, and Pre-amble.

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