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It has been shown that overwork has a negative effect on children as well as parents who work in the workplace. A study conducted by Working Families and Bright Horizons found that a large number of parents choose night shifts due to heavy workloads. As a result, two out of five parents could not help with the lyrics or could not see their children's faces at night.

This has had a negative impact on both parents and children. As overtime increases over time, it has a significant impact on employees and a higher stress index. Especially for parents, overtime is likely to have a negative impact on social life, emotional and mental aspects, family life and marital life.

1. Extended working hours lead to poor concentration and low job satisfaction. Chronic long-term work can cause anxiety and depression.

2. The impact of long hours on health is low in efficiency and productivity. Employees who work overtime are at risk for exhaustion, chronic back pain, and type 2 diabetes. Some are related to unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, drinking and lack of exercise.

3. It is difficult for people who work overtime to balance their personal lives and work. The longer you work, the less leisure time you spend with your family and your family.

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Due to these negative effects, workers have a high mortality rate, and the future of those who are in the position of parents lies at a critical level. According to a study of over 2,700 working parents in the United States, two out of five people working 35-36 hours per week were working overtime. And some of the subjects had to stop working or refuse to be promoted to maintain a balance of life.

"Being a parent seems to jeopardize your career. The criteria for those who want to get promoted are to go to work early, go to work late and check email every hour. Employees in their parents' positions are at a disadvantage because they have less time to spend than employees who do not, "said Sarah Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Walking Family.

The idea that only one parent works for a long time can be harmful. Negative impacts can be experienced twice in the home, and children are directly affected. If both parents are working late, no one can help them with their homework, and they can not take care of them when they go to bed.

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These kinds of situations have adverse effects on the children's emotions and should be prepared. Here are some ways to solve the problem.

1. Be open to your children: You should talk to your children about how your work affects their parent-child relationship. Discuss the problem and understand the situation in which your children are angry.

2. Make additional efforts: can you work regularly and do it for your family? I have to take the time of day every week and leave home on time to spend time with my family. Through this time, you can take a little rest and use it as a leisure time to play with children.

3. Make a complaint in the right place: You may experience a dissatisfied situation for a variety of reasons at work every day, but that does not mean you have to resolve it elsewhere. Anger or complaints related to the workplace must be placed in the office and accepted the warmth of the family. Keep in mind that families must maintain work and balance.

4. Separate two realities: work is work and family is family. Strict rules applied at work should not be put into the home. The family should be commanded but flexible enough to allow reason, reason, and creativity. This is important for talent and skills that can be raised in early childhood home education. It is good to refrain from attitudes that can harm families.

5. Every minute is important: Every minute is important because you can hardly spend your spare time with your family on weekdays. Especially at dinner time, turn off the radio or television and put the electronic equipment on one side. And I have to spend time with my family. Even if the time is short, do not go over it.

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