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Sex discrimination is a serious social problem in most countries of the world today. One of the prevalent social perceptions that can not be solved over a long period of time is the narrowed concept that men and women can never be the same. Here are typical preconceptions based on sex, not physical conditions, and most of the influence is spread to children, so even young children have stereotypes about sex. For example, girls think that boys are more likely to fight than conversation, while boys think girls are more focused on decorating themselves than studying.

As such, society preaches sexism to young children. At home or school, children absorb everything they encounter and experience like a sponge. And the information that is collected and perceived in childhood can grow and remain constant rather than changed, leading to stereotypes. This includes TV programs and social media media, including parents and teachers.

Katie Hurley, who wrote a book to help raise a happy child, emphasized the role of parents in this regard. Let your child recognize and break the stereotypes and realize that there is something wrong with this way of thinking.

Social stereotype

There are stereotypes in every culture on earth we live in. Stereotypes refer to beliefs, traditions, and thoughts that are kept and implicitly held for a long time, and are not acceptable in modern society. It is important for parents to first teach their children about right and wrong. Especially sex-based discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes are the most common, and if you do not teach about gender equality, your child can have a wrong sexual concept as she grows up.

Moreover, even if stereotypes are already deeply rooted at a young age, if the parents do not grasp this in their daily lives, the likelihood of a transition to a proper mind becomes even lower. In general, social skills and competences can be learned before age 7 or 8, and the greatest cause is media and media. The information the media provides to children may include violent and sexually explicit content. For example, you can get information about makeup and other health care laws from an early age. Since these products target specific genders, children can unconsciously develop the concept of sexual inequality through these contents. Experts point out that marketing promotions and strategies related to product sales can leave a false impression on children.

In addition to media, specific roles and activities in the home can have a major impact on how children think and act. Especially at this time, values ​​and thoughts about parents' sexuality are very important. It seems to be extremely normal for parents, but in fact there may be language or behavior that can be considered unfair in society. In other words, parents are ignorant of socially misunderstood concepts and can not teach their children properly. What is even worse is that when the child shows behavior different from the socially expected concept, it is likely to be branded as abnormal rather than normal.

Teaching for Gender Equality

As such, to eliminate sexual inequalities, parents should be able to properly teach their children about sexuality since childhood. These children gradually become more receptive and gentle to gender issues, allowing them to become adults and grow into more open and equitable adults. But if not, the idea of ​​gender inequality deeply embedded in the head since childhood is hard to change forever. It is for this reason that older generations now have gender stereotypes unlike younger generations. Being an adult, you should be able to break away from stereotypes with proper autonomy and self-communication through communication and communication. Of course, this method is not easy.

However, underdeveloped children can explore many learning opportunities. In other words, there are still many opportunities for correct teaching. And the place of this teaching should be the first thing that can be done at home. It is desirable for parents to make their children feel more free. And you should be able to understand yourself and other sex through appropriate dialogue and teaching with your child. The right concepts and value perception of childhood sexuality can be maintained until they become adults, eventually developing into greater influence.

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