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[Parenting] Impact of authoritarian nurturing on children

Source: Pixar Bay

One of the problems parents face when raising children is how to discipline them. Children who become harder to control at any moment become a factor that hurts their parents' heads when they start to play.

It is an important role for parents to maintain their relationship with the health of their parents and children during their child's growing up, while at the same time cultivating their children as members of the right society.

Developmental psychologist Diana Baumrid lists the 1960s parenting style as follows:

Authoritarian Parenting - Parents have high expectations for their children, but the reactions they see are weak

Generous parenting - Parents have low expectations for their children and the reactions they see are strong

Authoritative parenting - Parents have high expectations for their children, but reactions visible to their children are tolerant

According to Baum Reid, the third type of parenting is the most efficient, and authoritarian nursing should be avoided.

Authoritarian nurture encourages fear by asking your child to obey. These parents often create a sense of shame when a child makes mistakes or mistakes, creating a different personality that the child does not show in front of their parents.

It is very important for the growing child to learn about the right behavior and the reasons, but authoritarian parenting hinders the child's self-control.

Dr. Don Williams, a child psychologist who specializes in self-regulation disorders, says, "Authoritarian nurture uses shame and fear. In the short term, the child is very effective in achieving the results that parents want, and they form cause and effect relationships. "

However, this method impairs the child's self-consciousness. If you do not learn to make the right decision to make a decision, your child will not grow up to be a responsible person and may even have a long-term negative impact.

As a parent, you need to start talking with your children first, and you should always be aware of your children's condition. It is the first step to establishing a healthy relationship with your child by constantly planting the conviction that you will take care of your children with love.

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