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[Parenting] Learn how to let go

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

There are times when I feel that life is unfair.

When I live, I can not have a relationship with others and I consider myself to be the only person who is not qualified to be a part of the group.

Readers of this article will have many thoughts to go through their minds and maybe even return to their old boyfriends.

Perhaps you have to start dating a man who hangs for a few months.

But is this right?

Becka Martin wrote in an article in the Sought Catalog, "It's easy to think that everything is going to be better than before because he promised he would improve. But returning to an old lover is not the way to get better. "

Therefore, returning to an old lover is not only a longing for memories of the past, but a longing for a loved one.

When I go back to my old lover, my first week will be as peaceful as if I were walking through the park.

However, I realize that I will gradually turn around, and I will trouble again with my old lover. And I will lead again to the path of suffering and loneliness.

Lance Navarro, author of the Thought Catalog, insisted that "relationships do not last forever" and that there is a need to learn how to let others go.

You should not catch someone who hurts you. If you have a strong attachment, you are bound to think that you are the right person.

Navarro also said, "Fear that we may be left alone leads us to an old lover, which is the biggest mistake we make. It is our responsibility to help them grow freely. "

So if you release them, you will be free from pulling back and you will be able to face the challenge that life challenges you.

The two who are standing in front of the divide must now begin their journey of self-discovery and learn more about themselves.

It is important to accept defects and turn them into strengths. Do not be afraid to put your foot in a strange place.

Also, for fear of being alone, do not let someone hold you to your side.

Navarro said, "If anyone catches up to his side, we commit the greatest crime of all. It is precisely that other people do not realize their true potential. "

In addition to being afraid to be left alone, you should not make a relationship that gives unconditional relief to others. I feel happy with the other person, and now I feel that way.

You may also feel that you want to spend the rest of your life with your opponent, but soon the differences begin to show.

Your beliefs do not match your beliefs. You may also think that people of opposite sex are attracted to each other, but remember that it is not always the case.

But somewhere there is someone who accepts herself. Because such a person thinks it is worth loving.

Another contributor to the Think catalog, Sean Ray, says, "It means choosing truth beyond comfort. I choose to say something larger than a little thing, love instead of pain, light instead of darkness, I hate it when I do not want to affirm me unconditionally instead of you. "

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