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Children usually do not like broccoli, spinach or peas. No, most kids do not like healthy foods. It is because there is no taste. Children eat better if they make healthy ingredients in an unhealthy way. For example, I hate apples, but I eat apple pies very well.

But if you teach at the right stage, you can make your child eat healthy food. If you want to keep your diet healthy, keep in mind:

Do not Forget Junk Food

Most parents do not allow children to eat snacks such as junk food or snacks. However, this approach has no effect. Moreover, if children have already eaten savory and tasty food, they will continue to eat the food. If you strictly restrict your diet, your child is at increased risk of eating disorders such as anorexia and even anorexia. Or they may prefer to hang out with friends and eat junk food rather than eat at home.

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

Involve your child on the kitchen day

The ideal way to ensure that children are interested in a healthy diet is to have children participate directly in their chores or in making food. Your child's participation in these activities will give you more positive thoughts about your healthy eating habits if you learn to see and see for yourself. What if my child is still a toddler? If your child is young, you will not be able to go shopping for food or have a meal together, but you can at least pick the fruit (pear or peach) to eat today.

It is important to give children choices. Let the kids choose their own salad dressing or snacks to bring to school.

Make healthy food stand out

Children eat food that comes into their eyes. In other words, do not hide the fruit in the refrigerator, but put it in the basket above the table. Let's create an environment where healthy food comes first when children return from school.

In addition, if you replace healthy snacks with more healthy snacks, then only healthy foods remain in your choices. The more children grow up, the more chances they get with unhealthy food, such as taking a snack hidden in a cupboard or buying a snack from the supermarket without your help. When it is time for the children to eat snacks, let's eat yogurt or fruit in advance to avoid other stimulating snacks.

Do not make stereotypes on food

Rather than limiting a particular food to good or bad, it is better to describe what it is superior to other foods. It's a way for kids to realize that chicken has a lot of protein and dairy has a lot of calcium, so if you develop muscle and muscle, you can run better at the athletic meet.

Avoid temptation

If children still prefer foods that are not good for their health, listen to the children's opinions calmly and suggest alternatives. As mentioned earlier, it is not good to prohibit it unconditionally.

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

Become a role model yourself

You can not eat grapes while eating fried food. The starting point for good eating habits is always the parents. The child sees what the parents eat and eats the child. So if you want to teach your child healthy eating habits, check your eating habits first.

Use plates

See what your child is putting on his plate, how much of the side dishes it contains, and the habits of family dining together to help your child recognize what a healthy diet is.

Praise your child

If your child chooses healthy foods, praise and encourage them. Just do not overdo it. Children may think it's a nuisance nagging. If your child is eating healthy food, he or she may eat a good snack, which is not good for your health once or twice a week.

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