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It is a very special and exciting experience for a married couple to have a baby for the first time. However, such happiness is only temporary for a while, and the wife who actually carries the baby in her body suffers from stress, pressure, and pressure during several months, so that all the family members surrounding the pregnant woman are given appropriate environment We need to put a lot of effort into creating this.

Unfortunately, however, most husbands are not much affected by the wife 's pregnancy. On the other hand, women feel pressure to prepare for the baby's birth and to cope with the situation. In fact, studies conducted in Tanzania show that the husband of a pregnant woman has a very low rate of participation in the preparation of a wife. On the other hand, most expectant mothers want their husbands to stay next to their babies when giving birth.

These results show that the husband has many roles and responsibilities to fulfill as well as women. It means not only providing financial support to the wife and future children, but also the need to meet their needs physically, mentally and emotionally for the pregnant wife and the baby in her womb.

Dr. Deus Kitapondia noted that her husband should be aware of the changes she should be aware of during pregnancy. The following is introduced.

Become a good husband and father

The meaning of father can be defined as providing and supporting what the family needs. Basically, what you can offer in your present situation can be goods or emotional support for your wife and newborn baby. For example, from monthly medical examinations including medical examinations to market visits for family members, the range is infinite. Volunteering and helping a housewife for a pregnant wife can increase the happiness and comfort of the wife and play a big role in giving birth to a healthy baby.

It is also important to learn and learn a lot of information related to your wife's condition. Being able to quickly find out information about changes in pregnancy and pregnancy through the purchase of books or books, and to be able to put them into practice. Getting a basic knowledge of what your wife is doing can help you understand your wife and provide immediate help when your wife needs it. You should also be able to pay attention to your wife while experiencing the changes your wife will experience, such as morning sickness or mood changes, emotional pain and suffering.

Happy wife, happy life

It is very important to promote happiness by actively caring for the wife with love and encouragement. The wife suffers from various changes that occur as her fetus grows, adapts to it, and becomes stressed, anxious, and burdened. At this time, the husband should be able to give a lot of love and affection by reminding him that his wife is never alone.

It is very important to let your wife be as comfortable as a queen. My body is very heavy because I already have a baby in my belly. At this time, it is good for the husband to let his wife rest at the housework, and to cook for his wife's nutrition. You should be able to leave your personal promise or routine plan for a while. My wife also needs a habit of being accompanied by her at all times, so she can not go to another place by herself.

There are times when women come up with food that they want to eat suddenly during pregnancy, or they feel sick and painful even when they smell the food they always eat well. Because morning sickness works differently among women, we must share efforts to reduce the morning sickness and to share the pain of the wife and give her what she needs.

Most importantly, above all, the value of a wife's previous life can be negatively affected by pregnancy. It is dangerous to have this feeling, so it is important to pay attention to everything so that negative feelings in your wife do not cause depression or anxiety, to maintain good communication and conversation, and to have a positive mind.

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