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It is a well-known myth that it is appealing to a child's crying. However, recent studies have shown that this cry has a really special power. What secret is there in the baby's cry? Now let's look at the mysterious power of the baby's cry.

Randolph Cornelius Bartha College professor of psychology explained that when a baby cries loudly for 15 minutes, the hearing of a close person is damaged, creating a strong motivation to resolve the baby's complaint. Tears as well as cries are also signs of dissatisfaction. Tears and crying are like umbilical cord, and those who care for their babies, including their parents, react immediately when they hear the baby's cry.

However, continued exposure to the baby's crying pointed out that some violent and nervous caregivers might turn into monsters. Professor Cornelius said that the acoustic part of the baby's crying proved long ago that it caused the caregivers to engage in violent behavior. Newborn babies only cry at first, and after a few months of age their nervous system matures and they know how to cry. It is a way to be more calm and calmly complaining. Baby tears lead to stronger responses than adult tears.

In the tears of a baby, the part of the brain that processes the visual information and recognizes the pain is activated. Accordingly, the guardian understands the child's complaint and tries to solve it. Experts say that the baby's cry goes beyond darkness and distance. Thanks to this ability, if the baby cries, the carer can immediately provide what the child needs. However, the baby's crying may cause abuse.

After 12 months of age, there are more ways for babies to use their tears to complain. Professor Cornelius explained that "human beings have evolved to have a very strong empathy with the signal of this vulnerability and to motivate them to solve it." To prove this theory, scientists believe that adults and babies who do not shed or shed tears I moved away or played video coming to the participants. Experimental results showed that adults who were tearing responded more quickly to oncoming images. But a tearful baby, whether coming or going away, was instantaneous.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Newsweek fired workers at a hospital in Florida on Oct. 2, when a photo of nurses posing for a newborn baby raised their way through social media. At the bottom of the picture was an article entitled "My feelings for these little demons". A short video of a nurse who shook a baby to make it look like a newborn dancing to the song also spread through Facebook and has been a ripple.

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Cornelius explained that the baby's crying would have caused the caregivers to act violently against their babies. However, most people act in the opposite way. According to a study published in 2013, scientists performed a brain scan to see how the brain reacted to the baby's crying, and immediately there was a very strong pain response in the middle temporal area associated with emotional processing.

Newsweek noted that the response first occurred before the brain could identify the identity of the baby cry. Since there was no parent among the subjects, there was no experience to directly respond to the baby's crying. This supported the human response to the baby cry, primitive, instinctive, and extremely powerful.

However, Dr. Christine Parsons of Aarhus University in Denmark said she can not understand the long-term effects of the constantly exposed pediatric nurses on baby cries. However, short-term effects have been shown to activate the brainstem region associated with the struggle-escape response. Dr. Parsons explained that baby crying works like a biological beep, increasing heart rate and arousal.

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