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[HEALTH] If you want to grow taller? Exercise to help grow

▲ Source = Wikimedia Commons

It is a wish that everyone wants to be tall. It feels most sensitive to change of body by height. So, when is the most change in our bodies? We feel somatic changes in infancy and old age, but we feel the most sensitive changes in our body during adolescence. Adolescents may have grown up in adolescence, or they may be taller after puberty, but puberty is the peak of height.

But as the growing season goes by very quickly, people want to be as tall as possible at this time. I am curious about how I can grow. Therefore, we introduce two exercises that help growth during adolescence.


Sit down, stretch your legs straight, stretch your hands to reach your toes. If your hands do not touch your feet, first bend your waist until your hands touch your feet. Keep your legs and arms straight for 50 to 60 seconds. In addition, leg stretching, cobra posture for the correction of the spine, pelvic stretching, etc. in parallel.

Stretching is the exercise for the right posture of the spine. In addition, various types of stretching to fit each part of the body is required. Stretching will make the body more flexible and the growth rate of the bones is also promoted. Stretching regularly can increase the height by at least 4 ~ 6cm.


Another exercise that is good for growth is suspension. This is an exercise that all ages can easily do. However, in order to see the growth of the key, you have to do it regularly. Repeat 5 ~ 10 times for about 10 ~ 20 seconds to hang the arm and spine correctly and hang on the horizontal bar such as the bar. Increasing the number of iterations will actually help growth. However, when the physical limit is reached, it is not forced. It is desirable to exercise to the fitness of oneself to the last. This exercise also helps strengthen the arms and hands.

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