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It is the parent mind that wants to feed only what is good for the child. However, young children tend to eat only hard and sweet, and it is quite difficult to persuade them to consume all the nutrients evenly. In addition, some of the children's favorite foods are overfilled with sugar, flour, etc., and are processed and manufactured, so they are more likely to be exposed to unhealthy ingredients. This can make you miss essential nutrients for your child's proper growth and function, which is undesirable in the long run.

In particular, there are certain foods that young children should not give as much as possible. Here are some of them.


Honey is a favorite nutrition, but should not be given to children under 2 years of age. This is because it contains toxic bacteria that can cause addiction to botulinum. This bacterium is safe for adults but can be fatal to young children. It is better to avoid all kinds of honey that are fed or highly processed.

Apple juice

Fruit juices of all types are not really good foods for children. Unless juice is made from only fruit directly at home, all the juices sold in regular marts are almost sugar itself. Among them, apple juice is one of the most popular juices for young children. It is also true that parents seem to be healthier than other juices such as oranges, grapes and cherry juice. However, even with juices labeled as 100% apple juice, it contains almost 160 calories per cup and is virtually the same as almost the entire fructose. You can not get any nutrients, including fiber, that you can get when you actually eat apples.

Fruit snack

Fruit snacks look a little healthier because they are made from fruits. Even among the desserts, it is often perceived as the healthiest snack, but it is actually filled with sugar, fructose syrup, artificial coloring, and artificial sweeteners. It looks like a healthy food but it is not really. In addition, these ingredients can stick to the child's teeth and cause oral problems. If a child likes fruit snacks, it is best for parents to make them at home with real fruits. Or it is better to find other homemade fruit snacks that do not contain artificial sweeteners or fructose.

Processed Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese is a favorite snack for both men and women because of the fantastic chemistry of cheese and macaroni. However, this is also not made at home, but the products sold at the mart contain sodium and preservatives. Very nutritious, because it is highly activated. Also, if you are too young and have a taste for these foods, you may be tempted to make more salty and artificial foods. The actual amount of sodium in a box of Mac & Cheese products sold is about 600 mg, which can be harmful to health. Instead, it's more ideal to cook home-made whole-grain pasta, fresh cheese and other healthy nutrients, McCan cheese.


It is easy to eat in a busy breakfast time. The popular cereal also contains a lot of sugar, which is no different than eating a cake. Although it is written as grain, it is usually only a small amount, so you should look at empty calories as well. It also contains ingredients that are not good for your child, and you should keep in mind that you can not supply the vitamins and minerals that are essential for your child. When choosing a cereal, it is important to make sure that it contains protein and fiber.


Toast is also nutritious, with most of the sugar, syrup and white flour being a good choice for breakfast. If you have to eat toast, it is wise to eat home made fresh fruit and wholegrain toast rather than living.

▲ Granola bar contains a lot of sugar, protein and fiber are only a small amount and can not be regarded as healthy food (source = Flickr)

Granola bar

Granola bars, which have gained popularity among many people these days, are expected to be effective in terms of diet and calories. But in fact, protein and fiber are only small quantities and are hard to regard as healthy foods. In addition, there is a lot of sugar, so feeding a child a granola bar is like feeding a lollipop. It is a wise choice to buy handmade energy bars made from natural materials rather than granola bars from regular marts. Nuts, fruits, whole grains are high, and high fructose or sugar should be low.

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