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Obesity rates in Japan are significantly lower than in other countries. This can be confirmed by their diet. Many researchers study and study food that Japanese enjoy. Then, what is their secret? Here, we introduce secret soy tea which Japanese drink frequently.

Soybean tea that excretes toxins in the body

Kuromame tea or soy tea is a Japanese health food. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 35.7% of Americans are obese. Perhaps the Japanese soybean car could solve the problem of the United States. The tea is made from a rare soybean plant found in China, also known as a herb that excretes toxins from the body through urination.

Polyphenol, anthocyanin-rich soybean efficacy

Soybeans were found to contain a large amount of polyphenols with antioxidant properties. Polyphenol is an excellent ingredient for anti-aging and skin improvement. In addition, polyphenols contained in soybean tea contain anthocyanins that prevent cancer and improve atherosclerosis, high cholesterol and slow metabolism. Isoflone, another antioxidant found in soybeans, removes blood vessel fat. In addition, the fiber of soybeans controls cholesterol levels.

Effect of diet tea, soybean tea

Fiber from soybeans helps control weight loss by controlling blood sugar. Especially saponin is known to keep the body healthy. Scientists have tested rats and found that their calorie intake has decreased and that their fat absorption has decreased. Researchers say saponin is called an appetite suppressant, and drinking soybean tea will help reduce appetite and keep things away.

Homemade soybean tea to drink with goji berry

How to make soybean tea at home is simple. First, fry the cleaned soybean tea for 10 minutes. Put boiling water in 2 tablespoons of roasted beans. Let it soak for about 10 minutes and then drink the water of concern. If you want to improve your eyesight, it is helpful to add Goji berries. Drink with peanuts to add protein intake. Drinking soy tea steadily is good for lowering blood pressure and preventing diabetes. The nutrients in the soybean tea help the circulation and provide a comfortable sleep.

How to roast soybeans?

Soybeans can be purchased from nearby large marts. Put the beans in a thick frying pan and fry until the peel is peeled off. A simple way to make a soybean tea when there is no time is to pour 10 to 15 beans into a cup and boil water. It is helpful if a diabetic person takes a long time in this way.

Soybean flour, nutritious?

Roasted beans can also be ground into powder. The shape has changed, but it is rich in protein, iron, vitamin B, and calcium like ordinary beans. Flour may be added to the dish for a nutritious meal. This type of flour is defatted with no fat content and high protein and calcium content. Meanwhile, the FDA says that soy protein helps lower the risk of heart disease in humans, and nutrients in soybeans can be absorbed into the body even if they are deformed, such as by roasting or grinding.

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