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Parents who grow a child feel frustrated at the same time as they feel happiness. I do not listen to my parents' words and my house is a mess, and I get hurt very soon. So, let's find out if it has proper discipline and praise, and how it affects the child according to the parenting method.

Three different childcare methods

Parents usually show a dictatorial, authoritarian, and laissez - Each parenting style is very different from each other and has a tendency to be opposite.

Free-of-charge child-rearing method: It gives children freedom without setting rules. Parents have little expectations for their children, and they do not sulk when they make mistakes. Also, because it does not require parents to follow the words unconditionally, everything is free. Parents who follow these parenting methods generally love and love their children, but it is not a structured way of raising children. Because the child has not learned to observe the rules, self-control or self-discipline skills may fall.

Dictatorial parenting: shows the opposite way of parenting. Parents are very strict and have a lot of expectations for their children. When a child makes a mistake, he tends to soul very seriously and shows a loud and negative parenting style. Mental health-related media According to Barwell Mind, control-minded parents have a dictatorial way of raising children and often nag them when punishing. There is also a tendency to punishment for certain actions without additional explanation. A child who grows up in a dictatorial way usually does not make good decisions. It is because you must always follow the words of your parents.

Authoritative methods of parenting: the nature of free-spirited parents and dictatorial parents, and the majority of parents are usually in this way of parenting. In many studies, authoritative parents have shown to be the most valid and effective way of parenting because they give children explanations and parenting. Parents with this tendency listen to their children, allow them to suggest opinions through discussions, present their options, and allow the child to choose. Parents, of course, have a high expectation for their child, but they help explain to the child why this expectation is coming. A child born under this kind of parenting style is usually independent, social and confident.

Influence on a child

The effect of each kind of child on the child is also different. These effects are also dependent on the environment in which the child grows.

Freedom-free parents want their children to act impulsively rather than think. There is a considerable lack of communication with a child and there are more problems in relation to a child than other parents.

Children with dictatorial parents may be afraid of their parents and have difficulty in school life, resulting in low school records. Self-esteem is low, sociability is not good, can be a problem drug that makes you feel good and handles alcohol. It also suffers from mental disorders.

An authoritarian parent has good school records and is very sociable, making many friends. Independent, but obeys parents. The probability of having a mental disability is very low.

Raising a child can be the hardest thing in a parent's life. But it would be worth it to teach your child positive things about the world.

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