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[Parenting] The first creature, occurred in hot springs on the ground


Scientists are embracing the theory that life on Earth began with deep-seated hydrothermal ventilation.

In such an environment, all the chemical structures necessary for life are sufficient and the energy source can be obtained in the form of heat. Charles Darwin, the founder of evolution, also supported this theory.

But Australian archaeologists are writing the opposite. They have the theory that the first creatures originated from hot springs on the surface of the earth.

NASA Scientists on the mission of exploring Mars in 2020 take the theory seriously.

One of the Mars landing sites is very similar to the hot spring environment of the ancient district.

The landing site has been spotlighted by Earth scientists discovering evidence of early life around the hot spring.

Evidence for this theory was found in the god bubbles found in stones that were located near a hot freshwater hot spring.

Scientists have claimed that bubbles are evidence of life. The reason is that the rock contains stromatolite with a rock-structured layer formed by ancient microbial communities.

Scientists have written to Nature Communications that the newly discovered fossil is six hundred million years ahead of the oldest known evidence of terrestrial life.

These rocks, which were found in Western Australia 's Filavilla Kraton, are estimated to be 3.48 million years old.

Scientists once speculated that the Phill Barraquayton would have been made of swamps or shallow ponds. However, the University of New South Wales scientist Tarazo Kichi insisted that the area was a hot spring area that was created by volcanic activity.

She explained that the rocks contain intermittent rocks, which are minerals produced only in hot springs.

"If you plan to find life on Mars, you must remember that you have found the first signs of life in the hot springs of the ancient district," Tarra said.

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