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[Parenting] Parent’s role for kindergarten enrolled children

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Parents think that sending a child to kindergarten will be part of the responsibility of the child when the child is old enough to be educated at the institution rather than at home.

Of course, separation anxiety may also appeal to the fact that your child falls away from your parents. How should we behave when this happens?

How to help your child go to kindergarten

Daily routines and habits play an important role in helping your child to hang out with friends. So there are a few things to be aware of.

1. Prepare a healthy breakfast for your child and provide nutritious snacks and lunches.

2. Make sure your child remembers your name, home address, and phone number. You should also train your name tag to make it important to you.

3. When your child hangs out and communicates with other children, do not want to lose the button on the child's clothes.

4. Every day you should develop your child's habit of reading books. Give new words that can be learned through books, signs, road signs, gift covers, and other name tags.

5. Give your children free time after school or on weekends without a timetable. This will be the exact opposite of the time spent in kindergarten.

6. If you have a problem with your child, you should educate your parents to notify you immediately. This will prevent the child from keeping secrets such as being bullied or bullied in kindergarten.

7. Make sure your child likes going to kindergarten. When the day ends, ask the child what the day was like. You do not have to talk about your child's problems in kindergarten, and you should not even talk about your child.

8. Be proud of your child's artwork as shown. It is also a good idea to display them at home or keep them in files.

9. Raise your child's confidence through praise and encouragement.

Smart childcare is as easy as A, B, and C. To raise a child properly requires attitude (A), faith (B), and commitment (C). Keep this in mind and hope to have a good experience with your child.

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