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[Health] Vivid, long-lasting lip make-up tips

▲ Source = Flickr

Lipstick is one of the basic makeup products that most women have. Lipstick has the effect of making your lips more beautiful and brightening your impression. "Lipstick is constantly changing, but how people use it is always the same," Schienentz said in an Insider article. "Unfortunately, many people do not know how to apply lipstick properly."

Here's how to use lipstick effectively.

1. Remove keratin from the lips.

Nicholas Lennon of Préma advised, "Before you put on your lipstick, you should remove the keratin from your lips." Lips are sensitive to climate change and easily peeled off, so it is essential to peel off the keratin. Alejandro Falcon, director of renowned makeup artist and Omosis Color Mineral Cosmetics, said, "Removing the thin lips of the lips is a clear expression of lipstick color."

2. Provide adequate moisturizing.

After cleansing the lips, you should moisturize. "Providing enough moisture to the skin and lips is a basic preparation for makeup," says Lennon. The more moisture on the skin, the better the color makeup. " However, she added that if sheep are over, she should be careful because she does not bother with lipstick. "

3. Apply mineral foundation.

Falcon advised me to try using a mineral foundation if the lipstick keeps rolling. Apply a small amount of mineral foundation on your lips before applying lipstick. Lipstick is also helpful for long lasting color.

4. Use a lip liner.

"It's a good idea to use a lip liner to emphasize lip make-up," said Caleb Bake of Maple Holistics. Using a light brown eyebrow pencil, you can express your lip lines smoothly but effectively. For a more natural make-up, I recommend using a lip liner after applying lipstick.

5. Apply lipstick using lipbrush.

Lennon recommended using a lip brush to apply lipstick. Lip brush can be used to adjust the amount of lipstick. Bake said, "To keep the color long, I wipe it with a tissue in the middle and apply the lipstick several times." Lipstick does not have to follow the latest trend. Lennon said, "I want you to choose the color that best suits you with confidence."

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