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[Parenting] Positive Child Care Program – 3P Child Care

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

The 3P child care method created by Professor of Clinical Psychology at Matt Sanders University of Queensland, Australia

Positive Parenting 3P child care, which is an abbreviation of the program, is a child care method whose purpose is to lead the way of affirmation in raising a child.

In the Journal of Home Psychology, Sanders stated that the goal of 3P child care is to increase the skills, knowledge and confidence of parents, thereby reducing the number of emotional and behavioral problems in children and adolescents.

Discipline aims to build strong family relationships and focus on positive communication and relationships.

3P Parenting helps parents to have confidence in parenting. Reducing stress in childcare means children are growing in a stress-free environment.

Regardless of your child's age, there are five core principles in this child care law.

First, parents should create a safe and exciting environment for their children so they can explore the environment without risk.

Second, it gives a lot of attention and new thinking, and it creates an environment in which children can learn positively.

Third, parents should be decisive in disciplining their children. The boundaries and responsibilities should be set and executed consistently.

Fourth, parents should set realistic expectations with their children. Always be prepared to forgive and not compare with other children.

Fifth, parents should not overlook caring for themselves. You can take good care of your children when you take care of yourself first.

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