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[Parenting] Parents, teach young children how to surf the net

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

Recently, children are experiencing advanced IT devices such as smart phones, and children treat computers better than seniors.

Parents have access to the Internet through their smartphones. Parents give children a way to access the Internet and sometimes feel guilty.

Parents can enjoy silence and peace just by letting their smartphone out for a while if the children are disturbed by the side when cleaning the house. And I concentrate on what I did.

Parents and children are confused by these technical equipment. They even interact more frequently with their smartphones than their families.

Katytoma felt this problem when he saw his 13 - year - old son, Eric Rasad. Toma wanted to help parents who raise children in the digital age. She started a digital parenting class at the Girls Academy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics "Children enjoy these things. It is very stimulating. It is like trying to ask for more candy. As parents, what we need to do is help the children to limit. "Said David Bithill, chairman of the Communications and Media Council of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

It is okay for children to access the Internet, but parents should supervise it. Tomas said parents could not prevent their children from being exposed to the Internet.

So we have to find compromises. For example, parents can play games with their kids, find out who they interact with, and what games they play. Parents should look at how children treat the game.

"I am learning to spend time with my family away from their electronic devices," said Genesis Gonzalez, 12, at the Kids' Academy.

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