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[Parenting] Raising your daughter like a princess can lead to depression.


No matter how friendly the daughter is, research has shown that she should not be raised as a princess. A study published in the Sydney Morning Herald found that it can prevent depression and anxiety disorders by encouraging children to overcome risk and increase their competitiveness.

Mental Health Center at Macquarie University in Australia, University of Amsterdam in Amsterdam and University of Reading in the Netherlands have found that a somewhat 'wildly behaving' child is rather emotionally less anxious and less depressed. The study reported that these results are generally more common in boys.

He also pointed out that boys are more likely to be competitive in a relatively competitive environment because they often take care of their daughters more carefully.

However, according to another study at the University of Newcastle, it is true that boys work harder, but girls also apparently enjoy this type of play. "Most parents are surprised to find out that their daughters are doing 'rough body play', says senior author Richard Fletcher. I am surprised twice, realizing that I have been treating my daughter like a princess. " Dr. Fletcher added that as the perception of women's physical abilities increases, so does the attitude toward their daughters.

Jenny Hudson, a professor at Macquarie University, advised that a more competitive and aggressive educational policy should be applied to reduce anxiety disorders in children. These include having your child experience occasional surprises, pointing out how to lag in the game, and encouraging them to participate in unfamiliar situations.

Children become depressed when they are anxious, are constantly relieved, paranoid, and quickly lose interest in trying new loses or show signs of anger.

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