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Busy bee world

Bees are insects that play an important role in the production of water and honey. It acts as an essential fluid for plants. Bees also produce honey, producing a lot of sweet and nutritious beauty products.

Bees are winged insects closely related to ants and wasps contained in the bees' statues. They are found in about 20,000 species in the world and are found on all continents where flora and flowers flourish except for Antarctica.

Bee organization

The bees are known to organize high-level colonies of work bees, bees, and queen bees.

The worker bees are responsible for the cleanliness of the beehive, collecting pollen and honey, feeding the entire organization with food, and taking care of the young bees.

Most pollen collected by worker bees are used as protein and other nutrients, and as food for larvae. Honey becomes the energy source of the worker bees. In the case of all bees, it is mainly male, and is mainly responsible for mates with the queen bee lays eggs.

On the other hand, the olfactory sense of bees plays a very important role in collecting pollen in search of flowers.

Pollen is also a prey of bees, but it pollinates pollen through flight. Because of this, the moisture of honey is very important for the ecosystem environment and the relationship between plants and bees is called symbiosis.

The bees that produce honey vary greatly in size. The length is between 2 mm and 39 mm. Mega Chile Pluto is the largest bee in the world and the smallest species is Perdita Mini.

Bees also vary in color. Yellow is common, sometimes mixed with black, brown and red, and some with blue stripes. The interesting thing is that bees can not see red color.

Types of bees

Well-known bees include bees, bumble bees, small bumble bees, and murder bees. Bees are found worldwide and are known to produce honey from honey and pollen stored in the honeycomb.

Bees are social insects, and their colonial organization can survive for a long time because they spend the winter eating bees.

Bees are insects useful for agriculture because they pollinate more than 100 plants in the United States alone. The bee's wings are 11,000 flaps per minute, so you can hear a buzzing sound when you get close. Because bees can only use one spit once, the spit stuck to the abdomen, and when the bee shoots and spits, a part of the abdomen tears and dies.

Humpbacks are also known as insects that help the ecosystem environment. Like bees, it is a social insect that grows pollinated crops and plants in large groups. Unlike a bee, however, shoots do not die. It is also well known that the pain of bumblebee is very large.

Bumble bees nest mainly on the ground, but bumpkin houses are found in the attic and roof eaves. Bumblebees also tend to defend themselves aggressively against intruders.

Little Bumblebees are called Carpenter bees in English. The reason for this name is that it has the ability to penetrate trees.

Little Bumblebee lays eggs on a soft tree and raises young bees there. Unlike honeybees and bumblebees, this bee is not considered a social insect, but it is considered an environmentally beneficial insect because it pollinates the plant.

Another well-known bee species is murdered. It is also known as an African killer, and its appearance is similar to a bee. Although it is called murder penalty, poison is not more dangerous than bee.

However, the killer tends to attack not only by attacking a large group of people, but also by pursuing enemies far away. Like a bee, a killer bee can only be used once.

If you meet a killer bee, do not irritate them and run in a zigzag pattern to avoid inside the house or car.

There is a habit of killing enemies while waiting for the murderer to finish. Therefore, it is better not to enter the water.


Photo Source: Pixar Bay

Unlike what we normally know, saliva can shoot only female bees, and saliva is part of the reproductive organs called female spawning tubes.

The queen bee also has an ovipositor. But the only difference between female and queen bees is that bees do not lay eggs. The bee keeps his venom in a pocket attached to his ovipositor.

Statistics show that about 100 deaths in the United States have been reported to have been killed by bee stings. Experts say that adults can tolerate more than 1000 bees, but infants and children can cause allergies, which can hurt life.

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