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Parenting, which has to be sold out for a child wholeheartedly, is a tremendous thing in itself. Furthermore, if a child is born or diagnosed as a special child, there is more to be worried about. Therefore, parental childcare activities can be confused with worries and anxieties before starting.

So what kind of problems do parents with special children have to deal with and how to find a solution? Senior social worker, Ida Baraharu, a social group for children with disabilities and special children, presented some of the problems that parents with these children have and the ways to overcome them.

Face the problem

Parents with children who need special help need to solve a number of problems. The first step in making this situation easier is accepting your child's situation.

On the other hand, parents who refuse or do not acknowledge their child's situation are likely to have no effect in coping with the conditions they have.

Parents need to control their emotions while managing the physical and mental and emotional well-being of their children. Parents with these children should, above all, have to develop patience and understanding.

Parents with special children as children can experience as many different situations as they feel. However, you should not think that you are irrational that you did not have a perfect child, or that you are not ready to go through this situation.

How to deal with the situation

Some parents feel the inability to protect their suffering children. Some of them are guilty and are isolated from themselves because of their hostility toward parents who have children.

Forkman said the relationship between coping with the situation and hope is dynamic and mutual. In order to manage uncertainty and cope with changing realities, the two elements are complementary. And in order to have hope, we must set a goal.

Parents can focus on helping their children achieve very small achievements in their lives. This includes very basic activities such as drinking alone, using the toilet, and taking a bath.

Over time, parents and children can make more realistic expectations, and work from unrealistic to realistic and reasonable.

Adler used the term 'institutional inferiority' to describe the perspective of disability. This refers to the human internal framework that can determine the importance and vitality of an event. And Adler emphasized that responsibility for failure is not due to heredity or physical condition.

Appropriate approach for special children

In the case of Adler, the physical disability of the child is a position that can be solved by appropriate education methods. The more excellent education the child has, the greater the ability and contribution to society.

Therefore, parents should give their children the ability to adapt to life successfully by exposing them to various experiences rather than overprotecting them.

A support system for a child who needs special help can also help.

Families with special children should learn from each other and reinforce each other through interaction and shared experiences. And you should be comforted by the fact that you are not doing this hard fight alone. You will gain courage through the overcoming of others in a similar situation.

Obtaining Parenting Information

Families with special children need the help of people who understand the situation. Parents should therefore have the relevant information, knowledge and skills needed to nurture their children. This information is also available on the Internet, in various debates, and even in religious institutions.

Parents should show unconditional love for their children who need special help. You should treat your child as if they have different life goals. In fact, it is not the end of the present day.

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