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When the child suddenly begins to cry, beginner parents are embarrassed. It is important to realize that crying is a way of making a statement, not merely commingling.

In general, babies over six months old can sleep without waking up early in the morning when they have milk powder or breast milk before they sleep. Suddenly, when they sleep or cry, their parents do not know the cause.

Newborn babies express their own opinions only by crying. The baby's crying is signaling where it is uncomfortable or hungry. Here are some of the reasons why babies cry and how to cure them.

Meaning of baby crying

Most newborn infants are unconditionally crying if they are hungry for the most part. Make sure your baby has not missed the time it took to eat it and how long it has been. In addition, when the diaper is damp, the baby looks like a baby. If you fill a well-ventilated diaper and the diaper gets wet, the baby will feel comfortable.

Also, babies aged 3 months to 4 months or less can be suspected of having infantile colic. The cause of infantile colic, which is commonly known as colic, is unknown, but it is known to be caused by abdominal gas, digestion, and the like.

Most older children aged between one and four are used to express their will. It is because of the lack of power to express in a language the bad behavior of crying and crying and crying.

"Infants and preschoolers are crying and crying out to express what they want," said Rey Raybi, a Dallas psychologist.

When a child who has a good voice speaks that he does not like it all day, it is necessary for the mothers to be embarrassed to grasp the child and to talk with the child so that they do not know themselves and act according to their own words.

What a child needs

Indeed, the use of herds is influenced by parental attitudes. Therefore, depending on the child's natural temperament, the parental adjustment of the parenting attitude can also be beneficial. On the other hand, parenting that does not fit the temperament of the child will continue to conflict with the child.

Dr. Jay Hawker, a pediatrician in Minnesota, USA, said, "We must give our children time to adjust their feelings."

It has already been confirmed in many studies that mothers are easily angry and punishment disciplined when their children are born with 'difficult temperament'. As a result of punitive discipline for the toughest children, the children continued to maintain their challenging temperament, and even adolescence showed a lot of problem behaviors. In the case of children with difficult temperaments, a more sensitive and sympathetic mind and patience can maintain a good relationship with the child and the mother.

If the parents first make a mistake, the child will feel coercive control and frustration, and emotion regulation disorder can occur. The commonality of patients with emotion regulation disorders is that they have repeatedly been punished in situations where they can not comprehend their childhood, or have often witnessed violence by other family members. A child who is severely punished with difficulty in accepting is unjust and upset. Parents are scary and I think I should be patient because I have no strength. But when you become an adult, you feel that you do not have to endure anymore.

Child discipline method

Another reason to be concerned with writing a toddler is because the stable and harmonious relationship between the parent and child during the first three years of birth is an important foundation of all human relationships. A child who has a harmonious relationship with his or her parents can grow up to form the right society even when attending kindergarten and elementary school.

Parents should talk more calmly than children under any circumstances. You can not catch a child if you are annoyed with it when you use it. It is better to set discipline than to do corporal punishment. Since corporal punishment may gradually increase in intensity and frequency, it should be considered as the last means of discipline. In fact, it is best not to be punished. It is a good idea not to face the child when the emotion is excited.

Other than that, you can think of it at many points, but it is most important whether the child is ready to accept discipline and whether the parent is able to control emotion.

When you travel or go to the mart to buy something you want to cry and swarming, there are times when it is too hard. If you can not discipline your child, you will not be able to raise your child, and if you feel that your habit of accepting what the child wants to do is going to get worse among you, it is first of all to grasp the child's hearing at the child's eye level.

It is hard for parents to appease the child to cry. However, the child must understand that it is difficult to express his / her own words in a proper language.

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