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Parental parenting laws are different depending on various factors such as parental tendencies, thoughts, and ideas. While some parents are pursuing authoritarian or permissive parenting styles, others choose to do so.

But if we have to lay down the most basic principles in all of these ways, it is precisely that a gentle parenting law should be premised. Let's look at a gentle parenting method that can lead to a child's change even if it is not a coercive way.

Soft Parenting

According to Sarah Orkwell-Smith, a childcare specialist, gentle parenting is not bound by any particular choice or specific parenting style. In other words, it is a way of considering the child's emotions while the parents trust the instincts and instincts of their parents, not the strict rules that the child should observe.

Treat your child in a way that parents want to treat

This type of parenting does not mean letting the child go and act at will. The key is to identify and find the root cause of why your child is not happy and to treat your child the same way your parents would like to be treated.

If the child is in a state of distress or anger, it is wise for the parent to first understand the child 's mind and then to tell the child how to take responsibility for his feelings and how to resolve these feelings. In addition, you should not add other factors such as punishment or other compensation that you deem necessary. Instead, it is necessary for the child to trust his instincts.

Oakwell-Smith said that children are also as bad as their parents, and that they have the same day to feel angry, confused and lonely.

Respect as much as you want to be respected

Early childhood educator Liza Mashis stressed that parents and children should be respected in a tender manner. This means mutual obligation or action, and it is not effective at all to force a child to respect his or her parents. He pointed out that children who are accustomed to childhood punishment do not know how to understand and respect others, and that forcing their parents to do what they want can not make the child truly respected.

He said that if parents can recall the most respected person in their lives, it is likely that they are also caring and understanding children. Since children also respect their own parents, this can lead to an atmosphere of mutual respect, not a demand.

Expectations for your child's age

If a parent tastes occasional frustration in a child's behavior or academic performance, consider whether the child has an expectation level that does not fit the child's age. Drinking parents have no problem in expecting their children, but the important point is that they should be the ones that are appropriate for the maturity and age of the child.

Since the child's brain is not developed in a short time but is continuously developed over a long period of time, it should always be able to understand the behavior and performance of the child according to his / her age. It is unforgettable, for example, that a child who is only 1 year old now eats cleanly without throwing food on the floor. Instead, it is wiser for the parents to always be ready, not embarrassed or frustrated with their behavior.

If you are a parent who thinks children are like "naughty," you should keep in mind that this is just the parent's standard, and that it can be extremely normal behavior at that age of the child.

Select non-command

Bernadette Saunders, a senior lecturer at the University of Maui in Australia, stressed that parents should be able to give their children choices rather than commands, in a gentle manner of parenting. For example, you should be able to ask your child before you go to bed to brush your teeth. He pointed out that it is not good to order them to brush their teeth.

Saunders also said that this option could encourage partnerships between parents and children. In other words, when a child becomes a partner of a family, it means that he or she is entitled to make decisions on everything, including housework.

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