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[Parenting] Tracking Endangered Lizard with Olfense

Photo Source: US Territory Administration / Flickr

Scientists have recently been classified as endangered species and have found another way to track the hard-to-catch rhinoceros. It is to trace the excrement of the lizard by using the olfactory angle of the dog.

A research team at York University in Toronto, Canada, found dogs as research partners in 2014 and found that lizards found only in certain parts of California, USA, live under the bush to avoid heat.

The researchers used dog olfactory to track lizard feces. Lizards hide between shrubs to avoid nemesis. Lizards live in hiding under the holes or shrubs that rodents dig.

"This is a result of how many animals depend on the plant for survival, than simply eating it," said Alex Pilarzora, a doctoral student at York University.

"As the climate warms and lizards become more difficult to control their body temperature in the heat, this finding can help preserve them not only in California but globally," he said.

In recent years, many low-lying shrubs where the lizards lived have been removed and solar panels have been installed.

Pilazora announces his latest findings in the journal 'Basic and applied ecology' and warned of the adverse effects that this trend will have on the ecology of lizards.

"Planting shrubs such as California Ephedra californica is very important in managing and preserving endangered species in stressful, dry ecosystems such as the desert. However, if we continue to remove these shrubs to install solar panels, we can endanger animals. "

In the San Joaquin Valley in California, there was a large number of hornbill lizards, but due to human activity, the activity range of lizards decreased by 85%. Lizards can become extinct if the drought in this area is rampant.

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