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[Parenting] Understanding the conflict between brothers


It is common for brothers and sisters to contest minor things. They love each other, but after they fight, they start to hate each other.

As parents, watching your children fight each other can be frustrating and confusing. Parents, however, must learn the factors that cause sibling competition and how to ease tensions between their children.


Competition between brothers and sisters usually begins before another child is born. As children grow up, it's easy to compete for attention and toys. Nowadays, children spend more time with their parents than their childhood, so they affect each other's relationships according to their parents' treatment, birth order, home atmosphere, and contrasting personality. Also, if the children are about the same age, have the same gender, or both have intellectual talent, their competition will get worse.

Another factor to contribute to sibling competition is the need for special treatment due to illness or cognitive problems. Therefore, more childcare time is required. As a result, the other child will be jealous of his brother and pay more attention to his parents. In addition, parents tend to compare one child to another. So the sisters will compete with each other, from the affection of parents to the test scores.


Unless the sibling rivalry is resolved at an early stage, they can lead to greater problems, such as abuse of others physically and verbally. In fact, according to statistics, 53% of children were harassed by their siblings. As a result, 'harassed' siblings may commit self-harm. To make matters worse, they can be self-injured until they hurt and even injure or injure each other. Statistics show that an average of 36 million aggressive behaviors occur each year between brothers and sisters.

Handling conflicts between siblings

Parents have a great responsibility to their children's happiness, including their relationships. Therefore, parents should not favor one child only, regardless of the personality of the individual.

In addition, parents will spend one extra child each, and the children will find that they are special. On the other hand, if your mother is planning to give birth, you should notify your child of this situation and join your child in welcoming newborn babies. This allows children to protect their younger sibling rather than to recognize their newborn brother as a rival.

Of course, not all brothers in the world are still in conflict. Regardless of brotherhood, they must learn to love one another. After all, they are all family. Likewise, parents should also faithfully carry out a role model so that their children grow up and become a model for future children.

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