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Birds are becoming popular pets with dogs and cats. According to a 2011 survey by the American Pet Products Association, reported by Pet Med MD, Americans raise about 16.2 million birds as pets. Let's find a bird that is friendly to humans and gentle and suitable for pets.

Hyacinth Macaw (Hyacinth Macaw)

According to The Spruce Pets, the hyacinth macaw parrot is the largest number of parrots on earth. Some may be surprised that this parrot is nicknamed "gentlemanly giant." They are sociable and kind, and they like to spend time with their owners. Because of its huge size, most people do not want to grow as pets, but they can satisfy people who want to grow birds as pets.


One of the most famous pet birds is the love parrot, also known as the parakeet. Properly tame and caring, the loving parrot becomes a very loving, friend-like animal. It is small in size, easy to grow and speaks, and gives a funny, cute voice to people.

Cockatoos (Cockatoos)

This beautiful parrot has a strong bond with his master and he wants to stay with him. As well as being beautiful, this affectionate and easily acquainted character makes this parrot unbearable. But according to Ebirdseed, the big-billed parrots are easily depressed, so they should spend a lot of time together. If you get depressed, you can pull your hair out or you can act destructively.

Glass Parrot (Parrotlets)

Recently, glass parrots are gaining popularity. The parrot is small and cute and has a broad mind. These very loving and affectionate birds are cute and easy to grow. But remember, if you want to grow this bird, you have to spend a lot of time.

Crown Cockatiels (Cockatiels)

Beautiful and fascinating crown parrots are also suitable for those who are looking for friendly and affectionate birds. This bird in Australia is a great pet and should be hand fed and affectionated as if it were fed to the baby. The crown parrot is highly intelligent. The vast majority can make sounds from doorbells, telephones, and microwave ovens. Because of their small size, they do not take up much space. As a result, raising them is easier than other kinds of birds. They are also the birds that want to be the first in their families. In Pet MD, crown parrots live happily on their own and say they do not need any other friends if they can be attracted to people every day or be mentally stimulated in the form of toys.


Adorable little rabbits have various patterns and colors, such as owls that look like owls, brightly colored fudge colors that reminds of rainbow colors, and gold coins with white and black speckles. It is suitable for those who want to grow birds for ornamental purposes, because their hands have to look more than a lot. They are short-lived birds and often sound relatively quiet, making them suitable animals for people who are sensitive to noise or living in apartments.


Canaries are perfect for people who do not have much time to play with birds. Depending on the species, it has a pattern of several feathers on a yellow, orange, red, white background. The males after 6 months are known to be beautiful and crying, and they compete with each other to sing beautiful songs to win the female during the mating season. Also, it is good to put only one in the cage because of the tendency to fight.


Coneye is known to have a variety of colors. Some species are small, medium-sized, and have long feathers covered with feathers. This little bird makes the loudest and sharpest of the same sized birds. This curious, confident, and highly active bird likes being sociable, active and surrounded by people. It is suitable for people who do not care about loud sounds or fast movements. They like to follow a few words like other birds and follow the behavior of the person who keeps them up.

Birds are good friends for people, but not for everyone. So, if you want to grow a bird, you need to know the degree of △ house, nutrition △ interest through preliminary investigation. Almost all birds have a tendency to bite, but if you choose birds with a quiet and sociable orientation, you will be able to escape from that danger.

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