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Birds are one of the most attractive pets, like dogs and cats. The most attractive point for raising birds is that you can imitate human horses and sounds. It is a very good ability to learn hundreds of words.

In fact, half of the birds can sing and speak, and they learn to sing from other birds. The reason that birds can sing and speak is because of their ability to work on a part of the brain called the singing system. Introduce some birds for all potential caregivers who want to hear bird songs and words.

African Gray Parrot

The gray parrot is one of the newest pet prizes in Iprica in recent years. As the research on this bird's intelligence is published, it is so popular that highly intelligent abilities make it very easy to learn and hear words. It is also one of the most intelligent birds among speaking birds, one of the most intelligent animals in the world, and at the same level as the predators. Some experts argue that this bird's intelligence is similar to that of babies in infancy. Especially, the bond and intimate relationship with the guardian is the most important factor forming the bird's speaking ability, and if it is strong, it can exert its outstanding ability to imitate various sounds. Among the two types of home-grown species, the Timne Gray Parrot has the ability to speak at a younger age than the Congo Gray Parrot.


Although it has the ability to speak easily, it is also called parrot, but it can not exert its superior ability than some large species. Typically, there are common parrots that are native to Australia, and some offenders can also develop hundreds of words. Especially since he developed 1,728 words, he also made his name in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1995. However, the voices are less clear, so it is not easy to know exactly what to say, nor does all kinds of birds have the same ability. Some birds can learn between 300 and 500 sentences and words. It is the most common form to imitate the word that the guardian speaks. However, if you keep two or more offspring, you tend to spend a lot of time with each other, and there is a high possibility that you will not listen to your guardian properly. Both males and females can imitate human horses, but generally males have more beautiful tone than females.

▲ Yellow is the Amazon is very intelligent, not only human words, but also can mimic the accent (source = Wikimedia Commons)

Indian Ring Parakeet

Lingguang, a native of India and Asia, has been loved for centuries for its pet. At first, only the royal family could be raised, which was due to the remarkable ability of the Ling parrot to speak. It has excellent ability to develop excellent words and vocabulary, and can be expressed clearly by sentence, and received more love. The difference with other birds is that they speak in their own voice, not simply imitating the human voice. However, the level of the sentence is high enough to convey the atmosphere.

Hill Myna

As one of the best birds in Southeast Asia, UiGwan has the ability to imitate human voices with accurate tones. In addition, various areas can whistle, sharp sound, and scream. Especially, human voice has remarkable ability to imitate with various range of pitches. The main species are Great Indian Hill and the General Civil Union, both of which are characterized by their ability to speak more than other civilizations.


It is an elektus parrot from the island of New Guinea, often called the New Guinea parakeet. This bird also stands out for its genius in language and vocabulary, and is able to speak clearly and accurately. Males are green, and females are bright red, all of which can articulate and express language tones and moods clearly. However, it can be a disadvantage that this exceptional skill depends entirely on initial training. Some species can learn the whole song and sing. It can imitate other attractive sounds coming from human horses and the environment, even to the extent that they can fool their guardians. You can repeat what you have learned in the right situation.

Yellow Naped Amazon

The Yellow Nest Amazon, also known as the Amazon Parrot, is a beautiful new yellow, yet capable of speaking. It is highly intellectual and features not only human words but also imitations of accents, reproducing various words of high quality as if they were copied. You will be able to demonstrate your ability to speak from a young age, and you can learn most of your words and expressions. It is characterized by having a bond with only one person. The stronger the relationship with the caregiver and the more frequent the interaction, the more excellent the ability can be demonstrated. Besides, he is very good at hearing and repeating the songs of people around him.

Monk Parakeet

It is also called a quaker parrot, and its size is small. However, it is very intelligent and strong in social tendency, so it has excellent ability to develop the horses of sentences and horses. It lives mainly in Europe, South America, and North America and can mimic human voices like other talking birds. However, proper care and training is essential, and if you have been properly socialized, you can use the words you learned in the right situations. Also, the sounds heard in their surroundings can also be imitated.

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