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[Pet] Food poisoned when a bird eats

Source: Pixar Bay

Puppy birds try to feed with their owners or other birds. This is because of the habit of birds eating their prey in a herd.

"There is a habit of eating birds while feeding birds and feeding hundreds to thousands of animals together in the wild," Bird Dr Laurie Hess told PetMD, an animal magazine.

It is good to eat together to make friends with birds, but some foods can be harmful to birds.

Food that birds should not eat

For birds, avocados can be fatal. In particular, the leaves should not be given. Avocado leaves have a fungus toxin, a compound similar to fatty acids, that prevents the plant from getting mold. However, algae ingesting this leaf can lead to heart damage, respiratory illness, and even death. Avoid feeding avocados with birds. Instead, give the birds carrots, green peppers and other vegetables. Also, food should not be given to caffeinated birds. Giving the birds beverages can be fatal. "Caffeine can increase heart rate, cause arrhythmia and hyperactivity, and cause heart attacks," Hess said. Sometimes it is okay to give fruit juice.

Chocolates can not be given to birds because they can become toxins. Chocolate has theobromine and caffeine that can cause diarrhea and vomiting. This can increase heart rate and seizure frequency and lead to death. It is safe to give sweet fruits such as mangos, grapes or melons.

It is good not to give food containing salt to birds. These foods can cause dehydration, kidney failure and, in the worst case, death. Hess suggested, "Give birds popcorn, pretzels without salt, crackers with little salt."

Also, ▲ tomato leaf, tobacco leaf, asparagus, spinach, parsley, etc.

Points to note when feeding new birds

▲ apple, orange, banana, grape, strawberry, cherry, etc. Fertilizing the habit of eating fruits or vegetables from a young age can reduce the odds of eating. However, seeds included in some fruits, such as apples and pears, may be toxic, so it is good to remove the seeds.

It is a way to make a good meal of unfamiliar food if you fill it with chopped or cooked by the owner.

To supplement the nutrients that are lacking in feed, you may be given new exclusive nutrients or supplementary feed. The concept of 'erosion', which is supplemented, is a variety of things such as dry fruits, protein supplements that supplement protein, and nutritional supplements that give the feathers shine,

I learned how to feed birds and the foods that should not be eaten in homes that raise pet birds. Birds can have a healthy body if they give them various nutrients like humans.

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