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After a long summer vacation, it is now a school year. When you start school, you will have lunch at school or lunch with your lunch at home. Feeding relieves the work of parents, but can not put concern about the provision of poor food. We open up a good plan for the parents who want to pack lunch or solve lunch by lunch.

Plan together

Parents' minds wanting to make a healthy lunch box are always the same. But if you concentrate on these things too much, the expectation of a child who opens a lunch box in school is often lowered.

If you want to eat well in response to your child's expectations, it is effective to involve your child when choosing a lunch box menu. Asking your child what they want to eat the night before. Only in healthy foods and foods. If it is a vegetable, ask about what kind of food you want to eat, such as carrots or celery, among the vegetables, and include it in the lunch menu. This allows the child to feel that he or she has the right to decide on the menu, and parents can also eat healthy food.

The effect of apparent visual effects is very large. Especially in the case of food with its taste and flavor intact. This is why the food from famous restaurants is made from a plate to a source of food, just like a picture. So much food is also very important in appearance.

Visualizing the lunch box

This method can be applied to the lunch box as it is. Catherine Shari, a nutritionist at Atlanta Strongfor Life's children's healthcare group, stressed that looking at cute food ingredients can make children entertained. Parents also said it is effective to use various foods such as protein, grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy products in their diet. You can demonstrate creativity using food ingredients while decorating your lunchbox, and you can add leftover food on the evening before, so it is full of efficiency.

In order to make these lunches more successful, it is also helpful to purchase a set of lunch boxes containing various designs and characters. In the lunch set only, the compartment is allocated appropriately for each use from the main dish to the dessert, and cooking can be made easier. Of course, it is also an opportunity to present a fun lunch box to a child.

Sugar is far away

It is not good to put too much processed sugar or additives in lunch food. It may be a delicious lunchbox for a child, but it will not help your academic performance in the long run as you drop your blood sugar.

To avoid these concerns, avoid sweet desserts such as cakes and cookies. Shari said three snacks of sugar are already in the pack for a fruit snack in a small bag, which the American Heart Association suggests is the daily maximum recommended by the child. It is a much wiser choice to offer fresh fruit instead of snacks as a kind of snack.

Brittany Robertson, a clinical nutritionist at the Tucson Medical Center, said chocolate - coated raisins and almonds can energize and recommend that these foods can be snacks to prevent energy declines during class.

Milk is also the best choice for any beverage. Robertson explained that children are particularly susceptible to dehydration when they return to school, and that moisture is important. Adding that children should be able to consume lunch at least once a day while keeping them with milk or water.

Other information

The visually delicious lunch box becomes a catalyst to further enhance the appetite of children. It is better to complete the lunch box with more attention to visuals. It can dissolve the creativity of the parents and the personal sense, so it can be fun to do lunch instead of annoying the parents. For example, the sandwich bread shape is renewed, or the kimbap or other material is made into a character shape to add vividness.

If you are a parent who wants to express more affection to your children, write a simple note in your lunch box and give your child a sign of love. It is also effective to write words that can help or motivate the child. If your child receives a letter of parents at the same time with a brilliant color when you open the lunch box, it can be a job to wait for school lunch time, which also helps your mental health.

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